BBF Kapposono



BBF Kapposono


Contact Info:

Address: 177 Ludlow St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
map: View the Map
Phone: (646) 476-5088

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Sushi
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards


BBF by acclaimed Chef Chikaro Sono is one of the few places in New York City where you can drop a few “sushi bombs.” They are made with a proprietary device that forms the sushi rice into perfect circles. Each one is topped with Chef Sono’s pristine sushi selections.  

The best way to try it is with one of several Sushi Bomb platters ranging from The Party Bomb, Special Party Bomb, Shellfish Party Bomb and the Garden Party Bomb ranging in price from $32 to $60. The Party Pomb, which we tried, features 3 Pink Bomb topped with salmon and scallion oil; 3 Spicy Mc. Bomb topped with big eye tuna, cucumber, kataifi and spicy jalapeno sauce; 3 Negihama Bomb topped with yellow tail and thinly sliced scallion; and 3 Una Bomb with eel and sansho pepper, pickled cucumber and shrimp. Aside from being presented beautifully, it is among the freshest sushi we have tried.

The “sushi bomb” offerings are also available a la carte and include some pricier items like the Blue Chutoro Bomb and Bluefin Otoro Bomb, each served with horseradish, and the Hokkaido Uni Bomb with sea urchin and nori. Vegetarian options are also available including a Shitake Bomb with simmered shitake and the Pepper Bomb with roasted pepper and cashew mayo. Hand rolls are also sold.

Cocktails are bright and bold with names like Metime (sencha infused Haku, honeydew, bergamot), Yellow In Green (Nikka Coffey Vodka, pineapple water, maccha, aloe, orange blossom, tonic), and Beat Beet (Iwai whisky, beet, umeboshi & apple shrub, sumac, aperitif). Sake, wine and ice cold beer are also available.

The space is light and airy with a honeycomb tile pattern, large L-shaped sushi bar and casual seating in the back of the restaurant. BBF is a welcome addition to New York City’s dining scene!