Restaurant Menu

Bamn! Menu

Chicken Nuggets (4pc)  1.00 
Teri Slider 100% beef sliders with Japanese kick  2.50
Teri-Chicken Slider   2.50
Fried Chicken   2.00
Hot Wings   2.00
New York Grilled Cheese 2.00
Mozzarella Sticks   2.00
Peanut Butter & Jelly   2.00
Pizza Dumplings   2.00
Japanese Donut   1.50
Roast Pork Bun  1.50
Mac & Cheese kroket  2.00
Musubi shaped balls of rice  2.00
French Fries 
   regular 4.00
    large  6.25
    double  7.50
    bucket  10.00

Free Sauces: ketchup, mustard, european mayo, bbq sauce, chopped onion,
malt vinegar, sliced jalapeno, tabasco

Special Sauces:  honey mustard, pesto, chipotle, wasabi, mango, garlic, cheddar,
curry ketchup, hot chili paste, salsa verde, balsamic, horseradish, truffle, brown gravy,
sundried tomato, blue cheese, soy ginger, peanut satay, sweet chile each .75 ea

Green Tea Soft Cce cream  2.00





PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.