Bangkok Thai House

This restaurant is closed!

Bangkok Thai House


Contact Info:

Address: 6735 Third Ave
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11220
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Phone: (718) 748-9354

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Thai

Cititour Review:

This family-run Thai restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn offers surprisingly good food. For starters we enjoyed traditional satay (skewered chicken breast with a peanut and coconut milk dipping sauce) and a grilled shrimp salad with hot peppers that was so hot we ran for the water. Both dishes were filled with flavor. The same could be said for the roast duck and pineapple cooked in a delicious plum sauce. The spare ribs and garlic shrimp with Thai spices were also right on target. For dessert, a bowl of sticky rice with coconut milk topped with sesame seeds and slices of fresh mango. Bangkok Thai House was quite a treat and affordable. Dinner for three cost under $70 and we walked away full.


Review By: Benny Prim