Bao Tea House


Photo: BAO Tea House

Bao Tea House

Photo: BAO Tea House

Contact Info:

Address: 122 Mulberry St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10013
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Phone: (646) 351-6759

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Taiwanese
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards


Bào Tea House opened its first location in Greenwich Village, focusing on high-quality tea and Hong Kong inspired baked Char Siu buns. The bàos are crumbly butter buns filled with oozing savory meat and blissful sweet paste. Together with our teas, they make a great satisfying breakfast or lunch on the go, or teatime snack for an afternoon chat with friends.

As the name Bào Tea House suggests, the menu breaks down to two specialties: Bào buns and teas. The variety of bào buns include savory and sweet flavors, toasted and chilled. The teas divide into organic high mountain premium teas and milk teas. The mountain teas are imported directly from Taiwanese tea farms, where each tea leaf is freshly hand-picked so that the aroma releases when boiled in front of the customer. Customers can order items separately, or pair an order of two bàos with a cup of tea for a combo.

Bào Tea House is the brainchild of the four founders, Alyas and Alven Scofield, Chen Huang, and Renk Dong, who realized the huge potential of bào, which can be as ubiquitous as French croissants and New York bagels, and the combo of bao + tea can be as popular as a burger and a soda. Alyas and Alven are two brothers with multi-talents in rap and fashion design. Having lived in the vast mainland of China as foreigners for 15 years, the duo fell in love with its culinary culture, which has a lot of bào and tea to offer.

While the pair grew up with the traditional food culture that existed for thousands of years, the founders gave the pairing a modern twist so that New Yorkers would be able to enjoy it on a daily basis. Chen is dedicated to sourcing the teas while Renk focuses on developing new items. Both Chen and Renk have extensive front-of-house experience from working in Michelin starred restaurants and reflect their love of hospitality in the food and service at Bào Tea House.