Menu: Basera Indian Bistro

Phone: (212) 757-9787

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Assorted Vegetable Platter
Samosa, bhajias, soya patties.  $10
Tandoori Specialties
Murg malai kebab,chicken tikka,seekh kebab.  $10
Prawn Balchido
Shrimps in coconut & mustard seed sauce.  $10
Murg Malai Kebab
Grilled creamy chicken breast.  $10
Seekh Kebab
minced lamb sausages.  $10
Fish Pakora
Boneless Fish Fritters.  $7
Chicken Pakora
Boneless Chicken Fritters.  $6
Vegetable Samosa
Potatoes & peas wrapped in a light pastry.  $5
Vegetable fritters.     $5
Chaat Papri
Crisps with potatoes & chickpeas in yogurt sauce, with tamarind & cilantro sauce.  $5
Bhel Puri
Rice puffs, chickpea flour noodles, tamarind & cilantro.  $5
Soya Patties
Minced soybean & spinach cutlets.  $5

Soup & Salad
Chicken Sorba  $4
Dal Sorba  $4    

Basera Mixed Salad
with our Indian house dressing   $4

Lunch Special
Lunch Special
Any chicken, lamb or vegetable entree served with rice & naan bread.  $8.95

Tandoori Breads
Naan  $4
Stuffed Naan
Choice of chicken, lamb, onion, paneer or garlic.  $5
Stuffed Roti
Choice of chicken, lamb, onion, paneer or garlic.  $5
Roti  $4
Spinach or aloo (potato)  $5
Bread Basket
Assorted Breads - enough to serve 3-4.  $12

Vegetarian Entrees
Served with basmati rice
Dal Makhani
Black lentils & beans.  $9.95
Yellow Dal
Yellow lentils.  $9.95
Basera Dal
Yellow & black lentils.  $9.95
Spinach with Indian cheese or mushrooms or potatoes or chick peas.  $10.95
Baingan Bhartha
Fire roasted smoky eggplant, onions & tomato.  $10.95
Aloo Gobi
Potato & cauliflower with cumin & spices.  $10.95
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Mixed vegetables cooked with fresh onions, peppers & tomatoes.  $10.95
Vegetable Korma
Fresh vegetables cooked in saffron almond sauce.  $10.95
Chana Masala
Chick peas with tomato sauce.  $10.95
Malai Kofta
Indian cheese dumplings in aromatic tomato gravy.  $10.95
Bhindi Masala
Okra stri fry.  $10.95
Aloo Jeera
Potatoes with cumin & fresh coriander cooked with mushrooms or chick peas or green peas.  $10.95
Paneer Makhani
Indian cheese in rich tomato sauce.  $10.95
Mattar Paneer
Combination of green peas & homemade cheese in a rich sauce.  $10.95

Seafood Entrees
Served with basmati rice
Fish or Shrimp Tikka Masala
cooked in tomato fenugreek sauce.  $17.95
Fish or Shrimp Vindaloo
Cooked with potatoes in vinegar & hot spices.  $17.95
Lobster Malai
Lobster tails cooked in almond & coconut sauce.  $25.00
Fish or Shrimp Jalferezi
Cooked with fresh onions, peppers & tomatoes.  $17.95
Malabar Fish Curry
Salmon cooked in pepper, tomato & curry leave sauce.  $17.95
Shrimp Coconut Curry
Coconut flavored shrimp curry.   $17.95

Chicken Entrees
White meat chicken served with basmati rice
Chicken Tikka Masala
in tomato & cream sauce   $13.95
Chicken Korma
Fraggant saffron almond cream sauce.  $13.95
Chicken Curry
Aromatic tomato sauce with whole spices.   $13.95
Chettinad Chicken
Spicy black pepper, curry leaf & red chili sauce.   $13.95
Chicken Tikka Saag
Sauteed with fresh spinach & enhanced with spices.   $13.95
Chicken Vindaloo
Vinegar, hot chillies & spices make this a very hot dish.  $13.95
Chicken Jalfrazie
Fresh assorted veggies with spices.  $13.95
Chicken Makhani  $13.95
Chicken Mango
Chicken cooked with fresh mango.  $13.95

Lamb Entrees
Served with basmati rice
Lamb or Beef Rogan Josh
Succulent pieces in cardamum sauce.  $14.95
Lamb or Beef Tikka Masala
Cooked in tomato fenugreek sauce.  $14.95
Lamb or Beef Korma
A mild specialty in saffron almond sauce.  $14.95
Lamb or Beef Vindaloo
Vinegar, hot chillies & spices make this a very hot dish.  $14.95
Lamb or Beef Saag
Sauteed with fresh spinach & enhanced with spices.  $14.95
Lamb or Beef Curry
Cooked in aromatic tomato sauce.  $14.95
Lamb or Beef Jalfrezie
Cooked with fresh onions, peppers & tomatoes.  $14.95
Saag Lipke Kofte
Lamb dumplings cooked in fresh spinach.  $14.95
Keema Matar
Minced lamb with green peas.  $14.95
Kali Lamb
Lamb cooked with black pepper.  $14.95

Goat Entrees
Served with basmati rice
Goat Tikka Masala
Cooked in tomato fenugreek sauce.  $16.95
Goat Korma
Cooked in saffron almond sauce.  $16.95
Goat Vindaloo
Cooked with potatoes & vinagar & hot spices.  $16.95
Goat Saag
Cooked in fresh spinach.  $16.95
Goat Curry
Pieces of goat simmered in cracked herbs & spices served in a thick sauce.     $16.95
Goat Jalfrezi
Cooked with fresh onions, peppers & tomatoes.     $16.95
Kali Goat
Cooked with black pepper.  $16.95

Served with raita
Vegetable Biryani
Rice cooked with fresh vegetables.  $10.95
Saffron Chicken Biryani
Chicken & rice in whole spices   $12.95
Lamb Biryani
Lamb & rice.  $13.95
Goat Biryani   $16.95
Beef Biryani  $13.95
Shrimp Biryani  $16.95

Tandoori Entrees
Served with basmati rice
Tandoori Chicken
BBQ chicken on the bone.  $12.95
Murg Malai Kebab
Creamy grilled chicken breast.  $12.95
Chicken Tikka
Grilled chicken breast.  $12.95
Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb sausages.  $14.95
Tandoori Paneer  $15.95
Fish Tikka Kebab
Salmon fish marinated with fresh herbs & spices.  $20
Grilled Shrimps
Jumbo shrimps marinated with fresh ginger & garlic.   $20
Grilled Halibut
filet marinated with fresh cilantro & Indian spices.  $25
Lobster Tails
Marinated with reduced milk, crushed garlic & ginger.  $25
Grilled Lamb Chops
Ginger flavored lamb racks, grilled.   $25
Mixed Grill
An array of tandoori delicacies.   $20
Seafood Mixed Grill
Combination of Grilled Shrimps, Lobster Tail, and Fish Tikka Kebab.     $35

Side Orders
Basmati Rice  $3
Tomato & cucumber  $4
Mango Chutney  $2
Mixed Pickle  $2
Krispy lentil cracker.  $2

Large Beer
Kingfisher or Taj Mahal  $8
Small Beer (12 oz.)
Choose from our selection. $5
Canned Soda
Choose from our selection. $3
Bottled Spring Water
Small, medium or large.  $2
Orange, mango or cranberry. $4
Iced Tea  $3
Lassi   $4
Mango Lassi  $4
Sweet Lassi  $4
Masala Lassi  $4
Rose Lassi  $4

Hot Tea
Plain, masala, peppermint or green.   $3
Coffee  $3
Decaf Coffee  $3

Gulab Jamun
Indian cheese balls in honey syrup.  $3
Indian cheese balls in sweetened milk sauce.  $3
Homemade pistachio almond ice cream.   $3
Traditional rice pudding.  $3
Ice Cream
Pistachio, mango & vanilla.  $3


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.