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Contact Info:

Address: 1431 3rd Ave
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10028
map: View the Map
Phone: 212-650-0850
Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-11pm Friday-Saturday: 12pm-11:30pm

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Mediterranean
2nd Cuisine: Turkish

Cititour Review:

For those of you who have difficulty making decisions, meze house Beyoglu is the place for you. With Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences, dishes are served in small portions and are made to share, which allows you to sample as many as possible, especially in the company of several friends.

While the main dishes, especially the swordfish (17) are also delicious, stick to the meze: you're sure to fill up with all of the choices and delicious homemade bread. Order several for the table; you can either pick the vegetarian platter (17) with samples of several vegetarian meze, or mix and match from the à la carte selection. Feta lovers will enjoy the sigara borek (6), which is filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese. Be sure to also sample the hummus (6), rumored to be the best in the city, and cacik (6), a yogurt sauce with cucumber and garlic.

The seafood is always fresh, so try the balsamic and olive oil marinated octopus (8) or the pan-roasted calamari (8). If you're looking to add a vegetable to the mix, try the dolma (stuffed grape leaves, 7), or a Greek salad (9.50) to share.

While the atmosphere of the restaurant is fun, with Turkish décor and a good Turkish wine list to explore, the reality is that it is usually rather rushed and busy, as it is a popular place not only with neighborhood locals but also with businesspeople looking for a good meeting place for dinners or drinks and a few meze before heading home. Good to bear in mind, then, that the restaurant offers takeout so that you can enjoy your Turkish feast in the comfort of your own home.


Review By: Emily Monaco