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Biscuit BBQ


230 Fifth Ave (President Street)
New York, NY, 11215
(718) 399-2161

Cuisine: Barbecue

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Cititour Review:
Usually when you spot a crowd, you can rest assured that what follows is usually quite good. It was with that belief that we were lured into Biscuit BBQ in Park Slope.

The corner location has a great feel and is great for people watching with its outdoor seating. It has a long bar and walls lined with chochkas, including old vinyl LPs. But what follows is not a happy tune. For starters, when you arrive at a restaurant you expect good service, not having your waiter make excuses even before you order. Or, when you ask for a glass for your beer, and said waiter is nowhere to be found, you wind up having to get it yourself from a snippy bartender. It's then that you know you're in for trouble.

That's how our meal began at Biscuit BBQ and deteriorated even faster when the food arrived. We started with with the Kitchen Sink Fries topped with cheddar, bacon and jalapenos. Think nachos on steroids. It was good. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the hush puppies, which were hard as rocks. We did have a good laugh though when we tried to spear one of them and it literally shot across the room. That brings us to the ribs and pulled pork. Both were soggy and had exactly the same flavor, like they were drenched in liquid smoke and an overly spicy barbecue sauce to hide the fact that the meat had absolutely no flavor. Zippo. It is the first time I've been to a rib joint where the table left half a rack behind. Sides were not much better. B&M has better baked beans (They should open a can.) and the collard greens were sour and tough making them inedible. Even the so-called "famous" biscuits were so dry you felt like you wanted to choke with every bite.

The only savings grace was the price. Biscuit BBQ is fairly inexpensive. Maybe that explains the crowd. But with so much great BBQ to be found in the city, cheap and crummy just doesn't cut it.
Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Park Slope

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