Bonsai Kakigori Dessert Bar & Cafe

This restaurant is closed!

Photo: Ethan Covey

Bonsai Kakigori Dessert Bar & Cafe

Photo: Ethan Covey


Contact Info:

Address: 100 Stanton Street
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
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Phone: (646) 308-1244

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Hawaiian
2nd Cuisine: Ice Cream/Ices


Bonsai Kakigori Dessert Bar and Cafe can now be found on the Lower East Side. The cafe on Stanton Street is offering traditional kakigori, a Japanese dessert made with layers of ice and homemade sauces. Flavors include Strawberry & Cream, Matcha Mountain, Japan Cold Brew and Black & White Cookie. You will also find some savory items and sandwiches, like Miso Buckwheat Honey Toast, Mango Crunch Toast and a Katsu Sandwich. Matcha drinks and Japanese style coffee is also being served. >>

- Thomas Rafael