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1403 2nd Ave (73rd St)
New York, NY, 10021
(212) 535-2183

Cuisine: Bar Food , Chicken Wings , Burgers

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Places like Bounce Sporting Club don’t immediately jump to mind when people think of great places in New York City to get a burger. And while some of the popular sports bars in Manhattan are putting out subpar burgers under the guise of an extensive hamburger menu, others are actually putting more emphasis on their food. I got word that Bounce was about to shift their burger patties to a Pat Lafrieda blend. After reading how they construct their BSC Burger, I was all in on this Burger Adventure. I even grabbed Burger Weekly co-founder Matt Kennedy from his domestic dwelling in the Bronx and brought him out with me.

The BSC Burger is topped with tomato confit, gruyere cheese, an egg, arugula, pickles, and secret sauce, and rest on a bun from Balthazar Bakery. I was swept away by the flavor that washed over me upon my first bite. I was told by my dining companions that my facial expression was stoic, but truly I was preparing for more wonderful bites of this burger. The egg was runny, without being messy, the bun was fantastic, the patty was juicy, and the special sauce put the whole meal over the top. We also split a cheeseburger, which proved to us that Bounce also has burger skill when it comes to a standard burger topped with cheese, LTO, and pickle.

Further, the fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, mac n’ cheese bars, and truffle flatbread pizza were all delicious, and had both Matt and I worrying about how many hours we’d have to log on the treadmill to make up for our feast. And be careful, Bounce serves up a LOT of banana infused Jameson, but though these beverages are tasty and smooth they are sure to cause trouble.

Bounce has a strong burger game. For Burgermeisters like me, I recommend going as early into happy hour as possible so as to beat the crowds and enjoy your meal and your elbow room.

Review By: Brad Garoon

Neighborhood: East 70s

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