C.C. Saha & Grandaughter at Urbanspace Vanderbilt


Photo: Cititour.com

C.C. Saha & Grandaughter at Urbanspace Vanderbilt

Photo: Cititour.com

Contact Info:

Address: East 45th &, Vanderbilt Ave
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10169
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Website: https://ccsahaandgranddaughter.com/

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Burmese
2nd Cuisine: Tibetan


C.C. Saha & Grandaughter shares a small stand at Urbanspace Vanderbilt where are selling Indoneseian and Burmese delicacies. That includes a noodle dish called Khow Suey made with coconut milk and a variety of toppings like crispy noodles, boiled egg and spring onions. But the real stars are the momos if you are lucky enough to get them. The Tibetan dumpling come steamed or pan fried with fillings like chicken, vegetable and palak paneer (cheese, spinach and spices). The latter is lovely. Just be warned, they sell out quickly.

- Thomas Rafael