Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen


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Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen


Contact Info:

Address: 115 Columbia Street (Kane Street)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11201
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Phone: 718-855-HOOT (4668)

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Southern
2nd Cuisine: Fried Chicken
Takeout: Yes
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Cititour Review:

Carla Hall is bringing Southern hospitality to Brooklyn along with her flaming hot chicken. Located on the Brooklyn waterfront, the space is bright and airy with old photos and mason jars filled with preserves lining the walls.  There's also a little stand up front for buying things like hot sauce.  Space is tight with a u-shaped communal table along with some counter seating.  Service is friendly and helpful.

The way it works is you order up front from 3 different stations; a takeout window outside, or cash and credit inside.  You'd be wise to have one person place the order, while others in your party grab some seats. 

Drinks range from fizzy lemonade and apple pie soda to boozy concoctions on tap like "Tha Dog'll Hunt" made with Old Forester Bourbon, lemon, orange peel and simple syrup, and Spiked Honey Bourbon lemonade made with Jack Daniels that can be purchased by the carafe.  We had a couple of ice cold Yazoo IPAs from Nashville which were a little too good.   There are also wines on tap by Gotham Project and some "fancy wine" sold by the glass. 

Now to the chicken.  It's offered several ways.  You can buy it by the piece; full wings, thighs, legs, breasts and tenders or by the plate, which have names like "The Gulch," which is comprised of a breast, a full wing, two sides and your choice of bread.  There are six heat levels to choose from.  Hoot and honey has the least spicy sauce, while the "Boomshakalaka" is the hottest, labeled X-Heat.  The staff shouts it out when someone takes the plunge.  We tried the "Hoot" which was mighty spicy on its own.  Chicken can also be ordered with no sauce.  We found our chicken to be perfectly prepared with a golden brown, crispy crust and juicy meat inside.  It's made in three state-of-the-art fryers.

Whatever you do, don't skip the sides, like the wondefully-creamy baked mac 'n cheese, and collard greens which are to die for (I made sure to grab a recipe card on the way out).   Other sides include Southern soup beans, candied yams and cole slaw.  Pickles are made fresh daily.  On this visit, bright pickled beets with crunchy green beans and red onions were being featured.  Corn bread, biscuits and sweet potato bread are also available.  Mom and Dad with kids in tow will enjoy the family meals offered at family-friendly prices.

You may be asking who is Carla Hall?  You may know her as co-host of "The Chew" on ABC.  She's also cooked with some of the country's best chefs on shows like "Top Chef" and "Iron Chef America."  Now this Nashville native is bringing her family recipes to Columbia Street in Brooklyn, and I for one couldn't be happier.  So, if you're looking for a home cooked meal without the fuss, head to Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen.  You will be glad you did.


Review By: Thomas Rafael

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Family friendly