Casa Ora


Photo: Casa Ora

Casa Ora

Photo: Casa Ora

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Address: 148 Meserole St
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11206
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Cuisine: Venezuelan


Casa Ora is celebrating the vibrant cuisine of Venezuela. The restaurant, located in Williamsburg, is offering classics like Bollitos Pelones, corn dumplings filled with beef in a tangy tomato sauce, Mandoca Corn Fritters with sweet plantains, Andean-style tamales stuffed with pork, and Beef Pabellon, a traditional Venezuelan stew, with piquant sofrito. Venezuelan immigrant Ivio Diaz has partnered with fellow Venezuelan Chef Luis Herrera (Cosme and Alto) to design the menu. Diaz's mother and Venezuelan Abuela Isbelis is heading up  the kitchen. Tropical cocktails made with Venezuelan rum are also being offered. Casa Ora says it hopes to shine a light on the lush beauty of Venezuelan culture and cuisine at a time where the country is overshadowed by the Maduro dictatorship and humanitarian crisis. >>

- Thomas Rafael