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All Dinner Entrees include your choice of Farmer's Market Salad Bar, Unlimited Bowl of Caesar or House Salad or Soup of the Da

All Dinner Entrees include your choice of Farmer's Market Salad Bar, Unlimited Bowl of Caesar or House Salad or Soup of the Day. Plus a choice of baked potato, fresh garlic mashed potatoes, seasoned fries or rice pilaf.





Lucky Nickel Buffalo Wings

2 Doz. 8.99 1 Doz. 6.99

Regular or Fireball, with scotch bonnet pepper sauce.


Shrimp Cocktail

5 Large Shrimp 6.99

Served with zesty cocktail sauce.


Chicken Fingers Reg. 5.99 Buffalo Style 6.99

Fresh chicken tenders, breaded and lightly fried. Served with Dijon honey mustard and BBQ sauces.


Chicken Quesadilla 7.49

Flour tortilla, filled with diced chicken breast, Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese and fresh tomato salsa.

Served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream.


Charlie Brown's Sampler Platter 9.99

Chicken fingers, crispy chicken spring rolls, mozzarella sticks and Buffalo chicken wings. Served with four dipping sauces.


Fried Calamari 6.99

Lightly breaded and fried until golden, served with marinara sauce for dipping.


Popcorn Shrimp 6.79

Crispy fried popcorn shrimp sreved

with our sweet sesame ginger sauce.


"Neat" Chicken Nachos 7.99

Crispy corn tortilla chips topped with BBQ chicken. cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses.Served with

guacamole, black olives, fresh salsa, sour cream and jalapenos.


Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls 5.99

Chicken, salsa, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, wrapped in flour tortillas fried crisp.

Served with sour cream and salsa.


Breaded Mozzarella Sticks 5.79

Fried mozzarella with hearty marinara dipping sauce.


Seafood Sampler Platter 10.79

Southwestern lump crabcake, fried clam strips, shrimp cocktail and crisp fried calamari. Served with three dipping sauces.






Baked French Onion Soup 3.99

Made with fresh onions and rich beefy broth, topped with Gruyere cheese and baked until golden brown.


Farmer's Market Salad Bar 8.99

All you can eat of your choice of fresh vegetables, assorted specialties, premium dressings and fresh breads. Add a crock of French Onion Soup for only 3.49 or a cup of Soup of the Day for 2.49.


New England Clam Chowder Bread Bowl 3.99

Rich New England style chowder served piping hot in a crisp semolina bread bowl.


Soup of the Day 2.99

A blackboard special.





Our Specialty for over 38 years!

We slowly roast our tender USDA Choice Beef prime rib to the peak of its juicy, full flavor. Hand-carved to your order and served au jus.


Queen Cut 10 oz. 13.99


Cowboy Steak 15.29

14 oz. bone-in cut, pan seared with mesquite seasoning. Served with frizzled onions.


Charlie's Cut 18 oz. 17.49

Served on the bone.


Double Cut 24 oz. 18.99

Served on the bone.


Wild Wild Mushroom Prime Rib 15.49

10 oz. boneless prime rib topped with a special blend of wild mushrooms, garlic and wine.


Horseradish-Crusted Prime Rib 15.99

14 oz. bone-in cut with a horseradish and sour cream crust and Frizzled Onions.





We Proudly Serve USDA Choice Founders Reserve Beef Exclusively!



Charlie's Special Sirloin 13.49

12 oz. center-cut, seasoned to perfection and seared to lock in the juices.


Blue Cheese Filet Mignon 16.49

8 oz. grilled filet mignon topped with melted crumbled blue cheese


N.Y. Strip 14 oz. 16.99 10 oz. 14.79

Most flavorful sirloin strip steak.


Filet Mignon 17.99

10 oz. Tender, juicy and flavorful. Our most popular steak.


London Broil 12.99

10 oz. sliced, marinated flank steak served on herb toast with mushroom gravy.


NEW Rosemary Crusted Rack of Lamb 18.99

14 oz. rack of lamb crusted with fresh rosemary and assorted herbs. Broiled to perfection and served with mint jelly and sherried mushroom sauce.


Chopped Steak 11.99

16 oz. chopped sirloin topped with our mushroom sauce and served with Frizzled Onions.


20 oz. Texas T-Bone 20.99

Grilled to perfection and topped with Frizled Onions. Part filet mignon and part N.Y. strip. The steak lover's steak.


NEW Pot Roast 11.99

Tender slices of braised beef slow cooked in mushroom gravy and served with fresh garlic mashed potatoes and frizzled onions.





Frizzled Onions 2.29


Steakhouse Spinach 3.99


Wild Wild Mushrooms 3.49


Baked Macaroni & Cheese 3.99


Hot Garlic Bread 2.49

With mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato salsa, add 1.00






Queen Cut Prime Rib & Stuffed Shrimp 17.99

Our most popular cut of Prime Rib with shrimp, stuffed with lump crabmeat and baked golden brown.


Queen Cut Prime Rib & Lobster Tail 19.99

Our most popular cut of Prime Rib teamed with a sweet cold water lobster tail.


Queen Cut Prime Rib & Garlic Shrimp 17.49

10 oz. boneless cut of prime rib served with shrimp, sauteed in butter and lots of garlic.






Chicken Finger Platter 11.79

A large serving of crispy tenders served with Dijon honey mustard, BBQ sauce, seasoned French fries and coleslaw.


Hibachi Chicken Breast 11.99

Skinless, boneless breast of chicken marinated in a light herb dressing and grilled to perfection. Served with fresh broccoli.


Charlie Brown's Hamburgers Deluxe 9.99

1/2 lb. fresh ground USDA Choice Beef served with seasoned French fries and coleslaw.


BBQ Baby Back Ribs Full Rack 16.99 Half Rack 12.99

Meaty pork ribs basted in a zesty Bullseye® BBQ sauce, accented with hickory and slow-roasted until tender.


Stuffed Chicken Breast 12.99

8 oz. Skinless, boneless breast of chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheddar cheese. Breaded with Japanese bread crumbs and fried golden brown. Topped with our creamy Supreme sauce.


Parmesan Crusted Chicken 12.49

1/2 lb. skinless, boneless breast of chicken coated with fresh parmesan cheese and pan fried to a golden brown. Topped with a lemon-butter wine sauce.


Four Cheese Ravioli 12.99

Pecorino, Reggiano, Fontina and Swiss cheeses stuffed into spinach and egg pasta ravioli. Served in a creamy parmesan sauce.






Grilled Salmon 14.99

Fresh center cut salmon grilled to order with dill butter.


Fresh Catch market price

Check our blackboard for today's selection.


Stuffed Flounder 13.99

Boneless fillets stuffed with lump crabmeat and topped with dill butter.


Lemongrass Salmon 15.49

8 oz. center cut salmon, seasoned in sesame lemongrass breadcrumbs and baked golden brown.

Served over Asian slaw with ginger butter.


Southwestern Style Crabcake 13.99

Pan seared cakes of lump crabmeat and Southwestern style seasonings. Served with tartar sauce.


Crispy Fried Shrimp 13.49

Six jumbo shrimp, beer battered, rolled in Japanese bread crumbs and fried crisp.

Served with a tangy cocktail sauce for dipping.


Crab Stuffed Shrimp 13.99

Shrimp filled with Southwestern style lump crabmeat stuffing and baked in garlic butter.


NEW-Garlic Shrimp 12.99

Twenty shrimp sauteed in butter and olive oil with loads of fresh garlic.

Served with parmesan Texas toast.


PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.