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ChikaLicious Dessert Club
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203 East 10th Street
New York, NY, 10003

Cuisine: Desserts

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It isn’t unusual for Dessert Club to be packed with people at 10 in the evening, looking for something sugary after dinner or perhaps to grab a sweet bite before heading out to the Village’s long repertoire of bars and clubs.
What is unusual is the form and flavour of the desserts they offer. Their cupcakes are smaller than what you would typically get from Crumbs or Magnolia Bakery, but their density and moistness make the size a smart choice. The flavors are limited but diverse—from banana to s’mores to triple chocolate, I have never been disappointed. They also have atypical offerings, such as macarons and panna cotta, which is a plus for New Yorkers whose saccharine taste buds go for more than cupcakes and cookies.

For cold desserts, their ice cream sandwiches have never failed to delight, especially since they are assembled as you order and thus keeps the cookies harder unlike frozen grocery store versions. Their milkshakes are also very popular, particularly Vanilla Bean, which has a just-right consistency that you can comfortably sip through a straw without it being too thin. But for me and my friends, we usually go there for their éclair cone, which is exactly what would happen if a soft serve ice cream and an éclair got together to make a baby. Instead of a regular cone, the ice cream is poured through and on top of a strategically sliced éclair. Definitely one of New York’s more imaginative treats.

Review By: Cat Young

Neighborhood: East Village

Chef: Chika Tillman

Entree Price: $15-20

Payment: Visa Mastercard

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