Menu: Chimney Cake

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chimney cake /kurtoskalacs    $4                      
Traditional /thin yeast pastry with caramelized crispy sugar crust

Traditional with your choice of toppings :
walnut   coconut   almond   cinnamon    chocolate    ginger
Delicious dip    $1  
butterscotch      chocolate      vanilla      cream cheese

All our pastries are made with organic milk and eggs.  

We offer party platters, perfect for kid's birthday parties!

hot beverages               

Coffee  1.75 / 2.00

Cappuccino  3.35

Latte  3.35                                                   

Mocha  3.75                              

Macchiato  2.75

Hot chocolate  3.00

Tea /organic   2.00

Espresso  2.50 single / 3.25 double

Macchiato  2.75                                       

cold beverages  

Iced coffee  2.50

Iced cappuccino  4.00

Iced latte  4.00

Iced mocha  4.50

Homemade lemonade  3.00

Homemade iced tea 3.00

Iced tea cocktail  4.00

All our coffee drinks are offered with organic whole milk.
Soy milk is also available.


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.