Choux Factory

Choux Factory


Contact Info:

Address: 865 First Avenue
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10017
map: Map
Phone: 212-223-0730

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Bakery
Payment: Cash only

Cititour Review:

Cream puffs are back in vogue thanks to two Japanese companies now operating in New York City. One spot is Choux Factory while tts competitor is Beard Papa. We chose Choux for our visit. It's a nice little shop, but it's located on a rather treacherous stretch of First Avenue near the U.N. Still, the treats are worth the trip. The woman behind the counter was as sweet as could be, but her English was not very good. But it didn't seem to matter. We were able to point, pay and eat. We found a nice assortment of cream puffs. Some were topped with rasberries and blueberries making for a great red, white and blue dessert, while others were filled with a tiramasu cream. But we liked the plain ones ($1.75) the best. The shells are filled on the spot, making them crispier. The creamy custard filling is light and fluffy. Add a dash of powdered sugar and it's enough to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth and makes a great treat for kids. We found a nice little park nearby with its own running waterfall. It's a perfect spot to enjoy your cream puffs if, like us, you can't resist eating them before you get home.


Review By: Sam Sayegh