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City Lobster
121 West 49th Street
New York, NY, 10020
(212) 354-1717 Map

Cuisine: Seafood

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Cititour Review:
The owners of City Crab are coming out of their shell
with City Lobster at a swanky new location at
Rockefeller Center.

City Lobster replaces Maritime, but continues the ocean theme with its high ceilings, porthole lamp fixtures and yes some rubbery looking lobsters stuck to the wall.
You'll find the real deal in a tank near the entrance, next to the beautiful hostesses, who by the way are
surprisingly friendly.

My experience at City Crab was not all that good, so I had less than high hopes heading into City Lobster, but low and behold there are some pleasant surprises.

First the bad news. Stay away from the artichoke and spinach au gratin topped with lump blue claw crab meat ($10.95). It's a pasty goo topped with so much cheese you'll be lucky to taste the dried out crab meat, luckier if you bypass the dish altogether.

That said. The Blue Point oysters were delightfully fresh, chilled to perfection and flavorful, a very pleasant surprise and reasonably priced at around $11 for a half dozen.

Now back to that lobster tank. I watched as they fished out my two-pounder to be broiled and stuffed with crab meat. It was pretty lively and I might add pretty tasty too. The crustacean came perfectly cooked and sweet, although I would skip the crab meat, which again was dry and added nothing to the meal, except the desire to drink more beer. And don't choke on the price -- 46 bucks! Oh well, afterall this is Rockefeller Center.

Stick to the simple things and you should
do fine at City Lobster. They also have a lively bar.

Review By: Benny Prim

Neighborhood: West 40s

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