Crema Restaurante

Crema Restaurante

Restaurant Menu

Antojitos / Starters

Gorditas de Platano Macho 11
Thick corn tortilla patties, sweet plantains
pinto beans, green chile aioli,

Pastel Azteca 12
Multilayered tortilla ”pie” with shredded chicken,
beans, fresh corn, cheese, salsa verde & hoja santa

Tostadas de Avestruz 13
Fillet of ostrich tostadas with
black beans, goat cheese & guava chile glaze

Taquitos de Chilorio 12
Slow cooked pork mini tacos
chile ancho, oregano and jalapeno vinegar,
Chipotle- cilantro drizzle & crema

Queso Flameado 18
Chihuahua cheese baked casserole with northern
Style chorizo served with corn tortillas
And guacamole or salsa

(Good for two or more people to share)
Vegetarian option available

Guacamole 12
Mashed avocados with onions, cilantro,
jalapenos and lime juice served with
totopos or fresh corn tort illas

Salsas de la Casa 8
Habanero (spicy)
Chile frijol (medium) made with roasted
tomatoes, pinto beans, chile de arbol and

Combination 21
Both salsas and the guacamole

Sopas y Ensaladas /
Soup & Salads

Sopa del Dia 8

Ensalada Mixta en
Aderezo & de Cacahuate 12
Mixed greens, avocado, panela cheese,
frizzled tortillas, fresh corn, sesame seeds
peanut-guajillo vinaigrette
With Grilled Chicken Breast 18

Hierbas Verdes en Tamarindo 12
Mixed greens, avocado, grape tomatoes,
tamarind-jalapeno vinaigrette and wrapped
in a manchego cheese shell
With Grilled Chicken Breast 18

Platos Fuertes /

Fideos Secos al Huitlacoche Negro 21
Angel hair pasta cooked in tomato jalapeñ o
broth, Mexican truffle, peppers, cotija cheese ,
avocado & crema

Plato Vegetariano 19
Chef selection of our vegetarian items

Empanadas de Robalo 25
Corn masa turnovers filled with sea bass and
shrimp. Sautéed in a squash blossom puree,
grilled portobello & goat cheese
Halibut en costra de

Cangrejo al Chile Guajillo 27
Halibut marinated in coconut milk an d
pan seared in a bac-on shrimp crab c rust.
Gaujillo chiles.

Flautas en Trilogia de Salsas 22
Crispy corn tortillas with shredded
chicken, corn and caramelized onions.
Served with trio of salsas: tomatillo-avocado,
chili aioli paste and a velvety pinto bean

Magret de Pato en Mole Poblano 24
Glazed Peking duck breast served with roasted
plantains, pomegranate honey & crema
panela cheese/ corn enchilada

Cordero en Pozole Rojo 23
Colorado lamb stew with chorizo, hominy,
red chilies and spices, topped with a cilantro pesto

Para Acompañar /

Chiles de la Casa 3
Our home made spic y
pickled pepper mix

Frijoles Refritos Pintos 5
Mashed pinto beans with onions

Arroz Verde 5
Cilantro rice topped with
corn pico de gallo

Vegetal del a Casa 5


Aqua Loca
Our famous Mexican
style sangria has fresh
fruit juice and several
kinds of alcohol

Glass 13
Pitcher for two 25
Pitcher for four or more 50


Helados y Sorbets
Ice creams and sorbets

Choco Flan
Chocolate vanilla flan cake with cajeta,
spice-roasted pineapple
and coconut ice cream

Pastel de Tres Leches
Sponge cake soaked in three milks
and mango syrup topped with
dulce de leche ice cream

Pay de Manzana
Crock of baked apples in a peanut crust confection,
goat milk caramel cinnamon ice cream

Pastel de Calabaza
Spiced pumkin Cheesecake , pecan praline,
vanilla whipped cream and
chocolate sorbet

Plato de Quesos
Chef selection of Mexican cheeses, nuts,
pomegranate honey and tortilla crisp

Dessert Sampler
Chefs Grande selection of deserts
( good for 3 or more )


PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.