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Cubana Cafe
80 6th Ave (Flatbush & St Marks Pl)
Brooklyn, NY, 11217
(718) 398-9818

Cuisine: Cuban , Latin America

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Cubana Cafe has done a great job of creating an atmosphere that if you’re imaginative enough, will transport you straight to Cuba (not that I’ve ever been to a café in Cuba, but I imagine that this is what it would look like). The walls are painted pale yellow and the bar is covered in baby blue tile with cool sayings painted in red that read like: “No cerveza, No trabajar” (No beer, no work). Not to mention the Cuban cigar boxes, white ceiling fans, artwork and Spanish music playing make for the perfect “Cuban getaway” even if in all actuality you are really at the corner of Flatbush and St. Mark’s Place in Brooklyn.

Equipped with Wi-Fi, Cubana Cafe is definitely a place where you can eat a full on delicious Cuban meal, enjoy an authentic alcoholic drink like the Daiquiri De Cuba or the Cuba Libre, or just chill and enjoy a cup of coffee while checking out the selection of magazines on display (everything from Rolling Stones and Sports Illustrated to Time Out New York)

While visiting I had a side of the black beans (that were seasoned to perfection) and chicken soup with avocado, tomato, cilantro and yucca (yucca is a vegetable similar to a potato; it is also known as cassava root). The soup was filling and definitely hit the spot. After a little while I had the café con leche (coffee with an equal amount of milk added), which was pretty delicious. And although it could have been a little warmer, it was just the right amount of coffee, sugar and milk needed for a perfect café con leche. But, as good as it was, the tiny cup was not worth the $3.30 that I paid for it.
Despite the coffee being a bit overpriced there are  still a number of more reasonably priced items like the sauteed sweet plantains for $3.50 and three kinds of rice including: white, yellow and coconut rice for only $3.00. Other menu items include quesadillas, the Cuban sandwich, roasted chicken and pork entrees, and everything else that you would expect from a Cuban restaurant. Breakfast, which is served all day, includes a number of items that you wouldn’t get at your traditional diner, things like: “Cubana benedict” and “Torejas” (Cuban French toast with mango compote), but also features more traditional breakfast items like pancakes with “real” maple syrup. Overall, Cubana Cafe is a great place to visit whether you are stopping by for a drink or a full on Cuban meal.

Review By: David Nazario

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Hours: 11am-11pm

Entree Price: $10-15


Delivery: Yes

Payment: Cash only

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