Dashi Okume


Dashi Okume

Photo: Cititour.com

Contact Info:

Address: 50 Norman Ave
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11222
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Phone: (646) 434-2912
Website: https://okume.us/pages/store

Food Info:

Cuisine: Japanese


50 Norman, a multi-retail and dining complex, is now open in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Designed by the acclaimed Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka, this 3,500 square foot space is home to three well-respected brands from Tokyo, making their debut in New York.

CIBONE (pronounced Cee-Bo-Nay) presents hand-selected lifestyle and artisanal goods, and every item represents classic and contemporary Japanese craftsmanship. CIBONE is also highlighting up-and-coming Japanese artists. A gallery space by the entrance showcases art pieces by a selected Japanese artist on a rotating basis.

DASHI OKUME is owned by OKUME, which has been in the seafood business in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market since 1871, serving the highest quality dashi and seafood products to industry professionals in Japan. DASHI OKUME in Brooklyn is the first and only specialty shop in the United States that specializes in dashi. It is also offering a casual dining experience serving Japanese comfort foods such as a Grilled Salmon Teishoku set, served with sides, rice and miso soup, as well as dashi-soups like the Tonjiru (pork and vegetable), vegetarian Minestrone, and New York Clam Chowder which all use dashi from Okume.

HOUSE BROOKLYN will open in late October as an eight-seat Japanese French restaurant by Kyoto-native Chef Yuji Tani (above), also the owner-chef of HOUSE NISHIAZABU in Tokyo. One may know him from Andrea Fazzari’s book “Tokyo New Wave.” Tani crafts delicate yet innovative Japanese French cuisine, and will serve a nine-course omakase tasting menu at HOUSE BROOKLYN. Dishes will change seasonally, even daily, incorporating both French and Japanese ingredients with French techniques.

The Nagasaka-designed space features reclaimed woods from one demolished old house in Kyoto to bring the timeless and true essence of Japan and its warmth to Brooklyn. With this trio of modern and traditional concepts straight from Tokyo, 50 Norman could be the closest to being in actual Tokyo.