Menu: Delicatessen

Phone: (212) 226-0211

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Green Market Omelette
Choice of two: Fres tomatoes, spinach, wilde mushrooms, vidalia onions, Irish bacon, smoked bacon, smokes salmon, sausage, American, swiss, cheddar  9

Delicatessen Scramble
Smoked atlantic salmon, carmelized vidalia onion  10

English Breakfast
two eggs, Irish bacon, bangers, black and white pudding  12

Buttermilk Flapjacks
Marinated butter, citrus butter  8

Brioche French Toast
Cinnamon sugar, cherry preserve, citrus butter  9

Belgian Waffles
Marinated berries, honey-lemon mascarpone  8

Blintz Trio
Cherry verbena, nutella & banana and sweet corn ricotta, sour cream and cherry verbena preserves  9

Irish Oatmeal Brulee
with citrus salad  8


Halibut Tacos c
Cispy wonton wrapper, spiced guacamole, kimchi sour cream  11
Reuben Fritters
Corned-beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, house made thousand island dressing  9
Cheeseburger Spring Rolls
House made red pepper tomato ketchup  10 
Prince Edward Island Mussels
Tomato mussel broth, spanish chorizo, jalapenos, roasted garlic croutons  11 
Delicatessen Chopped Liver
Vidalia onions served with rye and pumpernickel toast  8 

Delicatessen Matzo Ball Chicken Soup   7.
Summer Panzanella Salad
Italian bread croutons, Jersey tomatoes, sweet basil, extra virgin olive oil  8
Smoked Trout
German potato salad, pickled red onions, watercress, whole grain mustard  11


Yellowfin Tuna Nicoise Salad
Haricots verts, nicoise olives, vidalia onions, fingerling potato, cherry tomatoes and mustard vinaigrette  14

Romaine, white anchovies, capers, shaved parmesan, croutons  10
   add chicken  4
   add tuna  5 

Short Ribs "Stroganoff"
Slow braised short ribs, egg noodles, garden peas, mushrooms, fresh herbs  19

Romanian Skirt Steak
Watercress and beet salad, crispy vidalia onion rings and onion jus  17

Pork Schnitzel
Smoked bacon, baby potato salad and house made huckleberry preserves  18
Chicken In A Bucket
Buttermilk marinated half chicken, spicy cole slaw, jalapeno biscuits and house made ranch dressing  14

Fish And Chips
Beer-battered local monkfish, mushy green market peas, house made tartar sauce, french fries  15

Sauteed Yellowfin Tuna
Buckwheat soba noodles, enoki mushrooms, dashi broth  20


Coconut Tres Leches  8

Black Forest Cake  8

Peach Tart Tartin  8

Strawberry Panna Cotta  8

Delicatessen  S'mores  8

Ovaltine Pudding Parfain  8


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.