Menu: Ditch Plains

Phone: (212) 633-0202

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lunch/dinnercoldoysters dozen24clams dozen20shrimp cocktail16ditch plains oyster shooters[with or without vodka]5ditch plains lobster roll[sweet potato chips]23salmon tartare[mustard, red onionparsley & lemon confit]11chicken liver mousse[grilled country bread]10basket of cured meats[mortadella, saussicon secchorizo, cacciatorini &duck rillette]25american cheese plate[grafton cheddar, humboldt fog point reyes blue &green hill camembert]19caviar service[american paddlefish]40hotclam chowder[smoked bacon]9lobster soup12fried calamari[spicy tomato sauce]12fried clams[tartar sauce]15smoked mozzarella fritters[spicy tomato sauce]9grilled fish of the day[mixed greens & lemon]19chicken pot pie17roasted oysters[garlic & parsley butter]15baked clams[chorizo]15hot dog[french fries]7hamburger[french fries]12baked macaroni & cheese15saladsshrimp escabeche[red onion & citrus]13marinated white anchovies[cucumber, tomato & caperslemon confit]11mixed green salad[sherry-shallot vinaigrette]8caesar salad[parmesan & croutons]9spicy fried calamari salad[sesame seed, romaine &radicchio]12sautéed shrimp salad[frisée & bacon]13mussels14rosemary & baconchorizo & red onionshallots, parsley & white winecurry, tomato & red onionsides3picklessweet potato chipssides6creamed corngrilled asparagusfrench friescelery remoulade


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.