Dons Bogam Green



Dons Bogam Green


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Address: 3 W 36th St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10018
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Phone: (212) 690-9973

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Cuisine: Korean


At Dons Bogam Green in K-Town, a modern space with ornate metal screens, diners can choose any 3 dishes from the menu for $39 dollars. It's an interesting concept and one that puts the customer firmly in command. Our meal began with Braised Pork Belly served spicy radish kimchi and pickled sesame leaves. Unroll the leaves and fill them with the pork and kimchi to form a mini wrap. It's quite good. Yellowtail Ceviche is also an impressive dish. A mound of fresh yellowtail mingling with bits of avocado, pineapple, jalapeno and tobiki in a soy-chili dressing. It's topped with crispy seaweed dusted with sesame seeds. Galbi, marinated shortribs with shishito peppers, was our third dish. It's served in a cast iron pan, as opposed to a grill, with traditional Korean sides that can be added to fresh greens, garlic and slices of jalapeno. It's a filling meal. Other items include lemon-marinated jellyfish with shrimp and pear in a mustard dressing, marinated rib eye with soba noodles, grilled baby octopus and black cod served two ways. Dessert brings pancakes with a brown sugar syrup filling. Beer, wine and soju are also sold.

- Thomas Rafael