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East Harbor Seafood Palace
714-726 65th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11220
(718) 765-0098 Map

Cuisine: Chinese

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Cititour Review:
I think I just found my new favorite Chinese restaurant. In Sunset Park's mini Chinatown there are plenty of choices when it comes to dim sum, dumplings, noodle shops, fresh seafood and roast duck. But there are very few places that do them all well. Lucky 8 is fabulous, but small, and the wait for a table can be long. Pacificana is huge and modern, but the food never really hits the spot. And Family dumpling makes great fried dumplings, but there is really only one choice - pork. Enter East Harbor Seafood Palace which seems to have it all.

The first good sign - the place is always packed and that's quite a fete considering it's about the size of a football field. Second, the seafood tanks are clean and the fish look healthy. And most importantly, the food is spectacular.

We visited on two occasions (and plan many more). The first was for a family meal starting with a dungeness crab ($29) that was big and meaty, seasoned with a bit of ginger and scallions. You can also have it served baked with chili salt and dry garlic. The pan-fried flounder ($20.95) was also fabulous. The whole fished was perfectly cooked, nice and crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside. It was probably the best fish I've eaten in quite some time. An order of veal chops ($12.95) arrived on a sizzling plate with a tangy sauce that was finger-licking good. Even plain old beef and broccoli ($9.95) took on new life with a peppy sauce and lots of crisp broccoli florets.

Our second visit was devoted to dim sum. It's served in the early part of the day. Roaming carts deliver baskets all sorts of goodies. I'm not a vegetable lover, but even I enjoyed the vegetable dumplings stuffed with bits of mushrooms, carrots, bamboo shoots and greens. The shrimp dumplings were also plump and juicy, with two nice size shrimp nestled inside. Spare ribs with black bean sauce melt away in your mouth along with cubes of sweet potato. And shrimps smothered in soy sauce arrived on velvety ribbons of rice noodles. True joy! And each about $2.50 or under.

Chinese restaurants seem to come and go in this neck of the woods. I'm hoping East Harbor will stay this good for a long time to come.
Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Sunset Park

Hours: Open 7 days a week

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