El Tenampa Deli Grocery

El Tenampa Deli Grocery

Photo: Cititour.com


Contact Info:

Address: 706 4th Ave (21st & 22nd St)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11232
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Phone: (718) 369-7508

Food Info:

Menu: View the Menu
Cuisine: Mexican
2nd Cuisine: Markets
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Catering: Yes
Payment: Cash only

Cititour Review:

Looking for authentic Mexican food?  Go where the Mexicans go.  El Tanampa is a hidden gem in the South Slope.   Located in the back of a groccery store, the restaurant is a favorite spot for locals, hipsters, and even police drawn to its authentic Mexican food.  The food here is fresh.  Even the tortillas are made on the spot.

Steak tacos arrived loaded with marinated beef topped with onion and cilantro.  Roast pork, grilled chicken, chorizo and a host of other fillings are also available.  Add some creamy guacamole, pickled jalepenos and sliced radishes to your plate at no extra cost.  Finish 'em off with a tasty green tomatillo sauce or a spicy red chile sauce and a splash of lime.  The result is a flavor bomb.   And you can't beat the price at $1.75 apiece for the small and $3.00 for the grande.

El Tenampa is also serving up over-sized Mexican sandwiches called cemitas, crispy tostadas smothered with queso cotija, and tamales de mole or oaxaquenõs.  Scoring a table can be tough, but well worth the wait because everything is rico!


Review By: Thomas Rafael