Empellon Al Pastor


Photo: Empellon al Pastor

Empellon Al Pastor

Photo: Empellon al Pastor

Contact Info:

Address: 132 St. Marks Place
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10009
map: View the Map
Phone: 646 833 7039
Website: http://empellon.com/al-pastor/index.html

Food Info:

Menu: View the Menu
Cuisine: Mexican
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards


Empellón al Pastor is chef Alex Stupak's neighborhood spot for all things Mexican on St Marks Place in the East Village. Think tacos from Al Pastor and chicken to cactus and pork tongue. Bar snacks include shrimp ceviche with green papaya, and corn dogs with Huitlacoche mustard. Also on the menu, Baby Back Rib Carnitas with salsa verde, Chicken Kebabs with black pepper mole and Chicken Wings with brown butter macha. Empellón al Pastor also features a full bar and eclectic Mexican artwork.

- Thomas Rafael

Update: Empellón al Pastor is now offering Sunday specials including its Breakfast Burrito for $4. The Breakfast Burrito features scrambled eggs, fried pinto beans with jalapeños, bacon, chorizo, cheese and rice, and is served with a salsa infused with Valentina hot sauce. It's also offering its Migas taco for $2. The Migas tacos are filled with scrambled eggs and tortilla bits, and can be loaded with short rib and chorizo for an additional $1.50.