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509 Third Avenue (34th St)
New York, NY, 10016
(212) 904-1293

Cuisine: Burgers

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I recently read an article that said that even though Dutch children essentially eat dessert at every meal, their portion control is such that they are generally healthy and happy. In the United States, we have no such portion control, and Fatburger is a great example of our lack of restraint. Burgers at Fatburger, a minor but expanding burger empire that began in Los Angeles over sixty years ago, range in size from small to XXXL (though that’s a bit of a misnomer, as there is no XL burger). Earlier this year they opened up shop in Murray Hill and encouraged me to visit. I did so and channeled my inner Dutch boy, opting for a medium burger and fat fries (steak fries), though skinny fries and onion rings are also an option. The restaurant is spacious and clean, with a full-service bar playing the night’s games on big screens.

The smashed patty was nice and flavorful, which ran in contrast to a lot of the reviews I’d seen that said the burgers here are overcooked and dry. I found plenty of flavor in my modestly-sized patty. The bacon and cheese were both tasty, both placed underneath the patty, while the pickles and mayo rested on top. I liked this separation of toppings quite a bit.

The fat fries were delicious, making me wish more fast food and fast casual burger joints would include a steak fry option. My buddy ordered a similar burger, but went with onion rings. I stole more than a few of these greasy delights. They were excellent.

Both my friend and I were totally satisfied. The place is called Fatburger, and delivers with burgers that could surely make you fat. This first effort by the chain to invade New York City is well-received.

Review By: Brad Garoon

Neighborhood: East 30s

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