Fong On



Fong On


Contact Info:

Address: 81 Division Street
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
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Phone: (212) 334-5279

Food Info:

Cuisine: Chinese


I've been obsessed with Fong On when I saw the building getting a makeover this past Summer. The shop, at 81 Division Street in Chinatown, is run by the Eng family which has been making tofu in the area since 1933. Paul Eng, one of the grandson's, is helping oversee the operation. Since the opening there has been a steady line people looking to purchase this silky tofu treat that is made fresh daily. The tofu is served two ways. Savory "tofu pudding" is topped with a combination of pickled radish, fried shallots, scallions, and dried shrimp. It's then drizzled with sesame oil and chili sauce. Give it a stir and the result is a flavor bomb. For those seeking something sweet, you can load your tofu up with three toppings. They include red beans, grass jelly, taro balls and rainbow jelly along with syrups like brown sugar, ginger and almond. Combos come with names like Green Machine, made with aloe, and Snap, Crackle, Pop with aiyu jelly, rainbow jelly and boba. Rice cakes are also sold, including one made with matcha green tea. Fong On is spot on and a truly authentic taste of Chinatown.

- Thomas Rafael