Menu: Hangawi

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steamed tofu with shiitake mushrooms in a pot 7.95
silky tofu in clay pot 8.95
mini tofu patties 8.95
vegetarian dumplings (steamed or fried) 5.95
emperor's rolls 15.95
vermicelli delight 5.95
leek pancakes 10.95
mung bean pancakes 9.95
spicy kimchi mushroom pancakes 10.95
combination pancakes (leek, kimchi mushroom and mung beans) 11.95
stuffed shiitake mushrooms 9.95
mountain roots and greens 4.95
soup of the week / bean paste soup 4.95
steamboat soup 9.95
vegetarian dumpling soup 5.95
porridge of the week (pumpkin, sweet corn & spinach or black sesame) 3.95
HanGawi salad 6.95
avocado lettuce salad 7.95
mango pear salad 9.95
seaweed salad 8.95
ginseng salad 7.95
tofu asparagus salad 8.95
acorn noodle salad 8.95
pumpkin noodle salad 8.95
todok salad (fresh todok with watercress, cabbage and carrots in bean paste lemon dressing) 9.95
tofu sandwich with lemon delight 16.95
grilled tofu delight 15.95
bean curd with kimchi and vegetables in spicy sauce 15.95
tofu clay pot in ginger soy sauce 16.95
tofu pizza 16.95
tofu with mixed vegetables in brown sauce 16.95
tofu & mushrooms galore in lemon ginger sauce 16.95
crispy mushrooms in sweet and sour sauce 16.95
mushroom and garlic medley 16.95
mushrooms sizzler on a stone plate 24.95
spicy grilled abalone mushrooms on a stick 19.95
new! maitake mushrooms with spinach and vegetables in thick brown sauce 16.95
new! sautéed maitake mushrooms with asparagus 19.95
other selections
mixed vegetarian autumn rolls 15.95
HanGawi vegetable & mushroom wrap 16.95
stuffed eggplant in mustard sauce 16.95
vermicelli Genghis Khan 15.95
spicy grilled todok (codonopsis lanceolata) and asparagus on a stick 19.95
grilled todok (codonopsis lanceolata) strips in ginger soy sauce 19.95
fritters galore 16.95
rice dishes
vegetarian stone bowl rice 19.95
fragrant bamboo rice (cooking time of 40 min. required: preorder is recommended) 19.95
tofu stone bowl rice with sesame leaves 19.95
eggplant stone bowl rice 19.95
royal green tea from Mt. Jilee 10.00
(supreme green tea from first picked tea leaves)  
Korean green tea 7.00
(from Mt. Jilee; second-picked)  
Korean green tea 4.00
(from Mt. Jilee; third-picked)  
rose green tea 5.00
chrysanthemum green tea 5.00
Chinese green tea from Mt. Guhwa 4.00
red ginseng tea 5.00
date paste tea 3.50
citron paste tea 3.50
ginger tea 3.50
darjeeling tea 4.00
mineral/spring water
san pellegrino water [s]3.00 [l]6.00
galvanina mineral water [s]3.00 [l]6.00
soda (regular or diet) 2.00
citron juice 5.00
ginseng juice 5.00
plum juice (seasonal) 5.00
freshly squeezed juice
apple juice 4.00
carrot ginger melody 5.00
Korean pear fantasy 5.95
ice tea
ice green tea 5.00
ice darjeeling tea 4.00
ice darjeeling tea with chamomile 5.00
ice darjeeling tea with sweet chai 5.00
cinnamon in cold sweet broth with fresh fruit 4.00
Korean pear delight 6.95
tofu pudding (lemon or chocolate) 5.00
Korean mocchi (sticky rice cakes) 5.00
sorbet (ask for flavors available) 5.00
tofu ice cream 5.00
tofu ice cream cake 5.00
(ask for flavors available


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.