Historic Old Bermuda Inn

Historic Old Bermuda Inn

Restaurant Menu


Zuppa di Mussels
Black mussels steamed open with fresh garlic and pear tomatoes, served over garlic crostini          7.50

Shrimp Spiedini
Grilled skewers of jumbo shrimp over a bed of sauteed spinach with a lemon herb sauce          7.50

Fried Calamari Sorrento
Tender rings of calamari, fried till golden brown served with a trio of sauces, 'marinara, garlic aioli & pesto'          8.50

Antipasto Ortolano
Selection of prosciutto, salame, capicolla, gaeta olives and roasted red peppers with fresh mozzarella          7.50

Vongole Oreganata
8 littleneck clams stuffed with italian breadcrumbs, fresh herbs and garlic, then baked till tender          8.50

Tuscan Grilled Shrimp
Mesquite grilled shrimp laid over a bed of baby field greens and parmigiano croutons then drizzled with a light honey vinaigrette infused with citrus juice          8.50

Mozzarella en Carrozza
Mozzarella layered between slices of bread, deepfried and served in a caper lemon wine butter sauce          7

Scungilli Salade
Marinated scungilli and shrimp chilled and drizzled with fresh lemon, virgin olive oil and celery, garnished with a garlic crostini          8.50

Shrimp 'Martini'
Jumbo prawns, chilled to perfection served with a tangy cocktail sauce          9

Filet Mignon Tips
Medallions of beef, seared in a barolo wine sauce served on top of a garlic crostini          8

Zuppa di Jour
ask your server for mamma's special          4.95


Penne Gamberone
Penne pasta tossed with broccoli florets shrimp, roasted garlic with a touch of pinot grigio          16

Spaghetti Carbonara
A roman classic, made with egg, garlic and pancetta          15.50

Cappelinni Puttanesca Nanco
A lovely neapolitan pasta cappelinni together with pear-shaped tomatoes, gaeta olives, capers, garlic and 'just the right amount of anchovies'          15.50

Rigatoni Alla Bolognese
A traditional meat sauce from the city of bologna prepared with fresh tomatoes, ground beef and chianti classico          16


Gamberi al Limone
Lightly battered shrimp, sauteed in a light lemon butter and caper sauce          17.50

Salmone en Brodetto
Farm raised maine salmon filet broiled to perfection in a roasted garlic sauce with a drizzle of chardonnay topped with julienne vegetables          17

Mediterrean Sole
Filet of sole baked in homemade italian breadcrumbs seared in a fresh tarragon & basil butter with a squeeze of fresh lemon          17

Scungilli, calamari, clams & shrimp steamed in a robust tomato sauce, with fresh basil and served over pasta          19

all dishes are served with an antipasto salad, assorted bread and dipping oil


Chicken del Cardinale
Boneless chicken breast topped with a blanket of roasted sweet red pepper and fresh mozzarella in a bianco vino butter sauce with fresh tarragon          17

Chicken Hamilton
Lightly seasoned breast of chicken sauteed with sweet vidalia onions and mushrooms with a splash of marsala wine          16.50

Chicken al Sambuca
Chicken breast sauteed with fresh asparagus and sliced mushrooms in a nice sambuca cream sauce          17

Chicken Belmonte
Boneless chicken cutlet stuffed with fresh spinach, red pepper, fontina cheese and presented in a porcini and shitake mushroom sauce          18

Vitello Alla Sorrentino
Veal medallions topped with breaded eggplant fresh mozzarella cheese with a touch of tomato sauce and a chiffonade of basil          18.50

Saltimbocca Romana
Scallopine of milkfed veal, prosciutto di parma and sage layered and placed over a bed of baby spinach          18.50

Vitello Parmigiana
Traditional veal cutlet, breaded and fried topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese served with pasta          18

Costoletta di Maiale
Panseared pork chop, over a bed of sauteed baby spinach finished in a cabernet reduction speckled with porcini and shitake mushrooms          19

Steak Leone
NY strip steak, grilled to order served with frizzled bermuda onions and accompanied with jack daniels bourbon sauce 



PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.