Iraqi House Restaurant

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Iraqi House Restaurant



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Address: 7215 Third Avenue
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11209
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Phone: (718) 833-3338

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Cuisine: Iraqi


Iraqi food is somewhat of a rarity in New York City.  Now comes Iraqi House in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, an area of the city known for its Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant, run by two young men, is rather non-descript wth a few tables and a large American flag attached to the wall. The food on the other hand is full of flavor and unique. It begins with dips like JaJick made with chopped cucumber, yogurt, garlic, lemon and mint. The hummus is a bit spicier than you might expect drizzled with olive oil and paprika. Spring Rolls come in threes filled with a meat and parsley mixture that is deep fried until crisp. Larger plates include Makhlama made with ground meat, onion and egg served with traditional Iraqi bread called Khubz. Kebabs also dominate Iraqi cuisine.  At Iraqi House, the kebabs are made with ground lamb with special seasonings and served with a bed of rice and roasted tomato. Lamb kebab sandwiches are also offered along with lamb burgers, chicken shawarma and Shakshoka, a sauteed tomato with egg served with bread. The food, we're told, is made to order for the most part.  For those in search of a food adventure you might want to give Iraqi House a try. >>

- Thomas Rafael