Joe's Steam Rice Roll at Canal Street Market



Joe's Steam Rice Roll at Canal Street Market


Contact Info:

Address: 261 Canal St (Lafayette St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10013
map: View the Map
Phone: (646) 694-1655

Food Info:

Cuisine: Chinese


If you've never had Chinese steamed rice rolls, you are missing out. The pillowy noodles usually show up on dim sum menus drizzled with soy sauce. At Joe's Steam Rice Roll, at Canal Street Market, you can actually watch them being made. The rice mixture (which is looser than pasta dough) is poured onto large steel sheets and spread out. Toppings like pork and shrimp are added, along with your choice of scallions or cilantro, before being placed into a steam box. The sheets of rice noodles emerge moments later are rolled up and doused with soy sauce before being served. The specialty at Joe's, which also has a location in Queens, is a mix of beef, pork and dried shrimp. Additional sauces include chili oil with sesame seeds, Chinese black vinegar and peanut. The result is slurpy deliciousness which might explain the long lines. Just go early because when they sell out, they are done for the day.

- Thomas Rafael