Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn

Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn

Restaurant Menu

Traditional Potato Pancakes  $5.50 (4)  $8.00(6)
with Apple Sauce or Sour Cream   

Killmeyer's Crab Cake  $10.00
with Sherry-Mustard Sauce   

Escargot  $7.00
Forest Wives Mushrooms  $9.00
served over sliced pumpernickel   

Soup du Jour  $5.00
Spicy Beef Goulash Soup  $4.50
House Salad  $6.00
Spinach Salad  $6.00
Apfel Smoked Chicken Salad  $12.00
on Arugula with fresh lime vinaigrette   


Killmeyer's Sauerbraten  $19.00
Roast Marinated Beef with sweet and sour gravy   

Rouladen  $18.00
Beef Rolls stuffed with onions, bacon, mustard and gherkins   

Twin Filet Mignons  $27.00
Twin filet Mignon with green peppercorn creme sauce   

Beef Brisket  $18.00
with au jus gravy   

Bavarian Wurst Platter  $15.00
bratwurst, knackwurst, weisswurst with red cabbage and sauerkraut   

Classic Wienerschnitzel  $17.00
served with spatzle   
Jagerschnitzel  $18.00
Pork Cutlet in Hunter Gravy   

Farmer's Feast  $18.00
Pork roast, bratwurst, smoked chop with poato dumpling, red cabbage and sauerkraut   
Chicken Schnitzel  $15.00
Chicken Cutlet served with butter and spatzel   

Chicken in Mosel Wine  $18.00
Chicken sauteed in mosel wine with wild mushrooms   
Shrimp Bavaria  $20.00
jumbo shrimp with bacon and red onions in a creamy mushroom sauce over fresh pasta   

Broiled Atlantic Salmon  $17.00
topped with caviar and lemon   
Vegetarian Plate  $16.00
fresh vegetables, potato pancakes, spatzle, red cabbage and mashed potatoes   

Fresh Apple Strudel  $5.00
Apfelphannkuchen  $5.00
traditional apple pancake with vanilla sauce   

German Chocolate Cake  $5.00
with coconut icing   

Black Forest Cake  $5.00
layered with cherries   

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake  $5.00
Ice Cream "Lukullus"  $6.50
with rum-marinated fruits  
Killmeyer's Ice Cream Cup  $6.50
with Baily's Irish Cream


PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.