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121 W. 10th St (Greenwich Ave)
New York, NY, 10011
(212) 645-0018

Cuisine: Australian , New American , English

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This was not the first time the that I attempted to dine at the Kingswood.  On a Thursday night a few weeks ago the restaurant was so crowded that I had to wander the streets of the West Village until coming upon A.O.C.  This time, I went on a Sunday night, when the place was sure to be more accessible (and they remembered to make a reservation).  Accessible was an understatement, as on this night the Kingswood was close to empty.  This made for a very pleasant dining experience, as my party was the center of their waiter’s attention.

Kingswood is one of the classier joints known for its great hamburger.  The atmosphere is dark and relaxed, and the decor is quite tasteful.  The only puzzling pieces are the shrubs growing out of the wall.  Does anyone understand the significance of these plants?

Everyone ordered the Angus burger Kingswood.  Though different than the Bronte Burger that is advertised on the online menus due to a lack of chili, the burger served was cooked perfectly medium rare. The cheddar cheese melted onto the burgers as we ate it, giving the meal a sense of class to match the atmosphere.  The julienne onions were delicious atop a patty that tasted of a fine steak.

The downsides to this burger were few and far from glaring. The tomato was sliced too thickly and became a distraction.  We felt that the bun could have been crispier, though it was rich with flavor.  The french fries were the meal’s biggest failing, tasting like they came from a bag of frozen Ore Ida potatoes.  We decided too late that we should have ordered the truffle fries, which I've subsequently found to be delicious.

Minor flaws aside, and leaving the fries out of it, the burger at Kingswood is spectacular.  Rarely does a restaurant prepare its burger patties with as much care is it does its steaks, but Kingswood makes good in that department.

Review By: Brad Garoon

Neighborhood: West Village

Reservations: Click for reservations

Chef: Gary King

Hours: Sun-Wed 5PM-11PM
Thu-Sat 5PM-12AM

Payment: Amex Visa Mastercard Discover

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