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319 Fifth Avenue (32nd St)
New York, NY, 10016
(212) 725-9292

Cuisine: Korean , Fried Chicken

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When we walked into Kyochon, a new Korean fried chicken joint, the Bowie song "Ground control to major Tom" instantly came to mind.

Maybe it was the space age look of the place or the hostesses that resemble flight attendants with their red berets and microphones clipped to their uniforms as they navigate you to seating on the upper level.

Downstairs has the look and feel of a fast-food joint.  But the design really takes off upstairs as you walk up a glass spiral staircase surrounded by a wall of TVs playing music videos.  White banquettes with bright red bullseyes line one wall.   There's also a skinny (yet packed) sharing table up front, and in the rear another wall of TVs with more seating.  Think space age meets sheik.  And it works.

The menu is all chicken.  Signature fried chicken wings that are crisp and juicy,  honey wings, chicken strips coated with puffed rice, and even a grilled chicken steak.  There are chicken sandwiches, a chicken salad bowl and something called a "Bul-Gogi" rice ball stuffed with - you guessed it - chicken in a fiery Korean red chili sauce.  And when they say "fiery" here, trust them it is.  

The chicken is served with and assortment of dips, including soy garlic and "hot & sweet".  Fries are more like wedges that arrive in a paper cone with ketchup attached.  There are pitchers of beer and soju, a traditional Korean liquor that our hostess likened to a mild rice vodka.  It's combined with a variety of fruit juices (we tried the blackberry) and served in shot glasses.

Navigating your meal is also important here.  Each guest is provided their own little survival kit.  There are chopsticks and one plastic glove, which as I scanned the room, gave the feel that we were somehow preparing for surgery.  I felt more comfortable using my fingers to pick up my wings and relied on wet wipe that's also provided to clean up.

Kyochon is fun right down to its bathrooms.  A beaming picture of superman signals your arrival at the men's room.  Inside everything is red and high-tech; from the automatic toilet and sink right down to the paper dispenser. 

The staff is also very friendly and courteous.   We had a blast and think you will too!

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: East 30s

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