Menu: Lil' Bistro

Phone: (718) 609-1367

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Soups  CREAMY MUSHROOM 7 MISO traditional Japanese style 4 KABOCHA creamy pumpkin 7 SPICY COCONUT BOULLIBAISE scallops, shrimp, calamari, mussels 8 ROASTED SWEET CORN CHOWDER 7     Salads   FIELD GREENS ginger dressing 5 SEAWEED SALAD spicy sesame vinaigrette 5 SPINACH SALAD warm bacon vinaigrette, goat cheese 7 CRISPY TOFU SALAD matsu dressing 6 CRISPY CALAMARI SALADroasted red pepper sauce 9 SEARED SESAME TUNA SALADwith bacon vinaigrette 12 DUCK CONFIT SALADwith orange vinaigrette 9       Cold Appetizers   SALMON TRUFFLE TARTARE 7 CRAB SALAD layered with mango and avocado, tomato-ginger coulis 9 GRILLED SHRIMP with mango salsa 7 TUNA TARTARE NEPOLEON layered with cucumber 8 Hot Appetizers   GOAT CHEESE CRAB CAKE with a roasted corn coulis 7 DUCK CONFIT SPRING ROLL mango sauce 6 GYOZA pork dumpling with ponzu chili sauce 5 BEEF NEGIMAKI thinly sliced beef rolled with scallion 6 SHRIMP SHUMAI with a dijon soy sauce 6 MUSSELS  in a scallion cream sauce 6 EDAMAME 5 VEGETABLE SPRING ROLL mango sauce 5 NASU Japanese eggplant with a den miso glaze 4     Tempura   CRAWFISH TEMPURA with spicy mayo 9 SHRIMP TEMPURA 8 EEL TEMPURA with a sweet wasabi soy sauce 8 MUSHROOM TEMPURA Enoki, oyster, matsutake 7 CURRY VEGETABLE TEMPURA 6     Entrees   STRIPED BASS 16  in a citrus--butter sauce with capers & seasonal vegetables   SEARED TUNA & FOIE GRAS  22with an Asian pear chutney COCONUT SHRIMP 16stewed in coconut milk with tomatoes and cilantro, rice   ROASTED SALMON  17crusted with panko, sundried tomato compote,   capers and a wasabi-dijon sauce, with seasonal vegetables     PAN SEARED SALMON    17  dill beurre blanc, with bok choy CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE 16 BROILED TILAPIA 15lemon pepper vinaigrette with field greens  DUCK  18in a cherry sauce with sautéed seasonal vegetables HANGER STEAK 17sautéed spinach  BABY NEW ZEALAND LAMB CHOPS  20lemongrass sauce, fuji apple coleslaw   CHICKEN TERIYAKI  15chinese broccoli, shoestring potatoes PAN ROASTED CHICKEN   15bacon, mushrooms and a carrot sauce   GRILLED VEGETABLES  8balsamic glaze TOFU STEAK 9shiitake mushrooms, field greens, plum vinaigrette      Sides   WHITE RICE  1 BOK CHOY  2 SAUTEED SPINACH  2 Desserts

FALLEN CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE  6  molten center, vanilla ice cream        ROASTED BANANA CREPE  5  Coconut crepe, roasted bananas, vanilla ice cream        GINGER CRÈME BRULEE  6      WARM APPLE TART  5  Topped with toasted almonds, vanilla ice cream        BREAD PUDDING  6  With a wolfberry sauce        VANILLA ICE CREAM  3       Dessert Wine    Plum Wine  5 Peach Wine  6 Yuzu Wine  7 Raspberry Sake  5      COFFEE and ASSORTED TEAS  1.5  


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.