Menu: Lunetta

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bruschetta 4

lunetta ricotta
marinated tuscan kale
spicy leeks and pecorino
sicilian tuna and canellini beans

contorni 7

crispy cauliflower bagna cauda
smashed pumpkin with honey & chili
sautéed spinach with ricotta
sautéed rapini with toasted garlic
fried blue potatoes with garlic aioli
roasted mushrooms

formaggio & salumi
3 for 12 or 6 for 21
served with bread & spread

robiola 6
sheep & goat milk, soft ripened

caprotto ‘casa madaio’ 8 speck 7
aged, sweet, nutty goat‘s milk

gorgonzola dolcelatte 7 mortadella 6
cow’s milk, creamy, tangy, blue

pecorino foglia noci 6 sopressata 7
sheep’s milk, young, smooth, tuscany

roschera 7 finocchiona 7
medium-hard cow’s milk, piedmont

proscuitto di parma 12
mixed olives, garlic & oregano 4


fried artichokes with lemon & herbs 10
paparadelle with short rib ragu 17
roasted brussel sprouts with parmigiano 7


honey crisp apple with pancetta & toasted walnuts 11
chicory mix with anchovy,lemon & olive oil 9
grilled calamari, olives, oranges, & almonds 13


roasted pork belly, cabbage and potato hash 17
meatballs in toasted garlic red-sauce 13
crispy duck confit with cippolini agrodolce 14
porcini rubbed skirt steak & arugula 16
bouchot mussels with saffron & prosciutto 13
market fish* MP


ricotta lunetta pomodoro 13
spaghetti carbonara with lemon 15
linguini & little neck clams with escarole 15
orecchiette with rapini & sweet sausage 15
mezzi rigatoni with fall vegetables 13
potato gnocchi with roasted mushrooms, gorganzola, and walnuts 15

*ask server for market fish of the day

whenever and wherever possible, we use sustainable, local and organic produce, fish and meats.



Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.