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Nos huîtres – Onze oesters MP
Raw oysters on the halfshell, selected from this morning’s market

Nos fruits de mer – Onze zeevruchten MP
Jonah crab claws, sea whelks, clams, periwinkles, chilled lobster, shrimp, catch of the day

Plateau Markt – Zeevruchtenschotel Markt 60.
A generous iced platter of house selections from our raw bar

Plateau Royal – Koninklijke Schotel 90.
A two-tiered iced platter of selections from our raw bar


Soupe de tomates – Tomatensoep 7.
Hearty tomato soup drizzled with pesto

Soupe au poulet – Kippensoep 8.
Chicken and vegetable soup with fresh dill

Soupe à l’oignon et au gruyère – Uiensoep met gruyère 10.
French onion soup with crouton topped with melted gruyere

Bisque d’homard – Bisque van kreeft 10.
Classic lobster bisque


Salade verte d’endives et mache – Slaatje van witloof en veldsla 8.
Green salad of Belgian endive and mache

Pâté maison – Huisbereide pâté 10.
Country pâté served with toast, cornichons, Dijon mustard and red onion relish

Cocktail de crevettes – Garnalencocktail 12.
Shrimp cocktail with Belgian and American dipping sauces

Salade verte au fromage de chèvre – Salade met verse geitenkaas 10.
Mixed green salad with goat cheese on croutons, honey and toasted pine nuts

Magret de canard fume en salade – Gerookte eendenborst salade 13.
Thinly sliced smoked duck breast with fresh greens and a truffle vinaigrette

Croquettes de crevettes – Garnaalkroketten 15.
North Sea grey shrimp croquettes crowned with fried parsley, served with garden salad

Tartare de Thon – Tartaar van Tonijn 14.
Tuna tartare with sesame seaweed salad, fresh lemon juice, wasabi and soy sauce

Huitres pochées – Gepocheerde oesters 16.
Poached oysters on a bed of spinach with a Champagne beurre blanc

Salade de crevettes – Salade van garnalen 18.
Grilled shrimp on a bed of endive with pine nuts and an orange vinaigrette

Salade de homard – Salade van kreeft 24.
One-half chilled lobster on finely chopped avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro & endive


Pâtes végétariennes – Vegetarische pasta met seizoengroenten 12.
Bow tie pasta with fresh garden vegetables sautéed in herbed olive oil (meat and dairy-free)

Linguine au pesto – Linguine met pesto 14.
Linguine with a fresh basil pesto

Pâtes avec ragout de veau – Pasta met kalfsvlees ragout 17.
Pappardelle pasta with a slow simmered veal ragout

Pâtes au crabe – Pasta met krab 17.
Fettuccine pasta with Chesapeake Bay crabmeat in a light tomato sauce


Moules nature – Mosselen natuur 16.
Mussels steamed in the shell with fresh garden vegetables

Moules à la Blanche – Mosselen met Hoegaarden 18.
Mussels steamed in Hoegaarden beer

Moules à la crême et l'ail – Mosselen met look en room 18.
Mussels with garlic and fresh cream

Moules au vin blanc – Mosselen witte wijn 18.
Mussels steamed in white wine

Moules à la Provençale – Provençaalse mosselen 18.
Mussels with tomato, fresh basil, peppers and onion

Moules à la coriandre – Mosselen met koriander 18.
Mussels steamed with cilantro, curry and a dash of cream


Raie au beurre noire et capres – Rog in zwarte boter en kappertjes 18.
Steamed skatefish with lemon, capers & brown butter, haricots vert & new potatoes

Saumon au poireaux braisés – Zalmsteak met gebraiseerde prei 21.
Poached salmon filet with lobster stoemp, sautéed leeks in a champagne beurre blanc

Potage de fruits de mer Markt – Zeevruchtensoep Markt 21.
Fresh seafood and shellfish stewed with vegetables in a tomato saffron broth, aïoli croutons

Cabillaud à la moutarde – Kabeljauw met mosterd 24.
Steamed codfish with vegetable stoemp and a Dijon-shallot sauce

Vivaneaux rouge aux mange-tout – Roodbaars met boterbonen 26.
Sautéed red snapper with yellow beans, basil stoemp and a tomato beurre blanc

Thon grillé, et confit de légumes – Gegrilde tonijn en gekonfijte groenten 26.
Grilled Ahi tuna with tapenade, steamed potatoes and a confit of provençale vegetables

Homard grillé au Hoegaarden – Gegrilde kreeft met Hoegaarden 34.
Grilled lobster with braised mixed greens in a Hoegaarden cream sauce Homard poêlé – Kreeft in de pan 36.
Lobster served in the pan with a julienne of garden fresh vegetables


Carbonades flamandes – Stoofvlees op Vlaamse wijze 16.
Belgian beef stew prepared with Leffe Brown beer

Hamburger accompagné de frites – Hamburger met Belgische frietjes 16.
Grilled sirloin burger on a toasted roll, with tomato, lettuce, onion and Belgian frites

Tartare accompagné de frites – Rundstartaar met Belgische frietjes 18.
Freshly ground raw beef blended with capers, onions and traditional spices, with Belgian frites

Waterzooi à la Gantoise – Gentse Waterzooi 19.
"Gantoise Style" waterzooi, a light, creamy stew of chicken and fresh vegetables

Poulet aux cerises – Gebakken kip met kriek 20.
Sautéed chicken with a kriek beer sauce, gruyere topped potato soufflé and sugar snap peas

Entrecôte et frites – Steak met frietjes 26.
Grilled steak with a small endive salad and Belgian frites

Carré d’agneau parfume au romarin – Lamscarré geparfumeerd met rozemarijn 32.
Rack of lamb scented with garlic and rosemary, dauphin potatoes and haricots vert


Dame Blanche 7.
The one and only Dame Blanche: Vanilla ice cream with warm Belgian chocolate sauce & freshly whipped cream

Trio de mousses au chocolat – Trio van chocolademousse 8.
A trio of Belgian dark, white and milk chocolate mousses

Mousse au chocolat fondant – Pure chocolademousse 8.
Dark Belgian chocolate mousse served in a chocolate cup

Moelleux au chocolat – Warm chocoladetaartje 10.
Warm chocolate tart served with homemade pistachio ice cream

Crème brûlée 8.
Classic crème brûlée

Gratin de fruits rouges – Rode vruchten gratin 8.
Fresh mixed berries with a Hoegaarden sabayon

Tartelette aux fruits des bois – Bessentaartje 8.
Fresh fruit tart of the day, served with vanilla ice cream

Tartelette au citron – Citroentaartje 8.
Lemon tart with almond flour crust, served with kriek beer sorbet

Tartelette aux pommes – Appeltaartje 8.
Homemade apple tartlet with caramel sauce, served with vanilla ice cream and candied almonds

Trio de sorbets – Assortiment van sorbets 8.
A sampling of three handmade sorbets




Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.