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New Luo Xing Ta Restaurant
5318 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11220
(718( 633-3383 Map

Cuisine: Chinese

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There's always someplace new to explore in Brooklyn's Chinatown.  Luo Xing Ta is one of them.  The restaurant caters primarily to a Chinese audience.  In fact, part of the menu is only in Chinese.  But if you are willing to share a table, you will find a nice variety of tasty foods here. 

We stepped in for light lunch.  It included beef with ginger and scallion in a fabulous brown gravy.  Plump dumplings tasted like they had been made on the spot chock full of pork and green onions with a delightful dipping sauce.  We also shared a large bowl of wonton soup made with fish stock.  My son thought it was a little funky, but I liked it.  The grand total - 13 bucks.

There is plenty to explore here, especially if you are feeling adventurous.  Some of the odder items on the menu include stir-fried jellyfish with pork kidney, fried golden Chilean eel, roasted pigeon, crispy pork intestine, and conch sauteed with bonless duck feet.  

Seafood dominates and many of the fish can plucked straight from tanks near the entrance.  The tanks were well-kept and the fish appeared healthy during our visit.  Among the offerings; goose fish, croaker, arrow head, striped bass and sea bass along with flounder and tilapia.  They can be ordered fried or steamed in a number of different combinations.   We also counted close to two dozen different soups ranging from wine preserved lamb with turnip to seaweed in a pork brine broth.  There are stir-fry dishes, noodle dishes and different meats and seafood served over rice, like Fuchow-style spare ribs, stewed duck and a razor clam omelet.

Having just cracked the surface at Luo Xing Ta, we plan many more visits and will update you as we go along.  Or, better yet, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Sunset Park

Hours: 10:30am-3am 7 days


Delivery: Yes

Additional details: Late Night

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