P.F. Pasta al Forno


Photo: Cititour.com

P.F. Pasta al Forno

Photo: Cititour.com

Contact Info:

Address: 167 7th Ave South (Waverly and Charles Pl)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10014
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Food Info:

Cuisine: Italian


P.F. Pasta al Forno is a one man show. Emanuel Bugiani, one of the owners of Fiaschetteria Pistoia, is cooking up baked pasta dishes at this tiny spot on Seventh Avenue South and Perry Street. There are just a few marble-too tables and a glass enclosed kitchen. Everything is simple, from the light as air breadsticks served table-side to the handwritten instructions on how to order, including paying at the window and cleaning the table for the next visitor when done. It really does give new meaning to efficiency. But that doesn’t mean Bugiani is skimping on quality.  Most of the dishes are prepared on large trays like Parmigiana Di Melanzane ( fried eggplant, with smoked Mozzarella and parmigiano served with a light tomato sauce) and Lasagna alla Bolognese (Homemade spinach pasta with hand cut beef ragu atop a silky besciamella sauce with  grated parmigiano on top). Both are decadent and delicious.  Diners will also find Crespelle alla Fiorentina (homemade crepes filled with ricotta and spinach, and topped with besciamella  sauce and a touch of tomato sauce. Two baked pastas are also on the menu; Neapolitan baked ziti in a shell of house-dried San Marzano tomatoes and Timballo alla Palermitana which looks more like a by bundt cake filled with baked anellini pasta Sicilian-style with beef ragu, prosciutto peas, smoked mozzarella and hard boiled eggs in a shell made of prosciutto and fried eggplant. Unless you are from Florence, P.F. Pasta al Forno is unlike anything you’ve tried before!

- Thomas Rafael