Restaurant Menu

Seasoned, grilled and delicious  spicy goat or beef meat stack on bamboo sticks with an African accent

Fermented and cooked corn made into balls:served with your choice of Fish stew or Okro soup

Jollof Rice
Ghanaian style rice cooked in mild tomato sauce and savory seasons served with choice of Fish/Beef stew

Omo Tuo
Mashed rice ball served with choice of  choice of dried Fish, Meat or Cchicken  light/peanut/palm nut soup

Rice and beans served with Fish/Beef stew savored with spicy black sauce (shito)

Fried yam & fish or chicken or turkeybutt
Your choice of Beef or Fish Spinach stew or shito served over fried sweet yellow African yam

Prepared from plantain or cassava flour with choice of dried Fish, Meat or Chicken light/peanut/palm soup

Seasoned and grilled tilapia served with your choice of jollof rice, waakye or plaintain or fried  yams, banku

Tuo Zaafi & Okra Soup
Spinach cooked with chicken, beef, fish or goat meat. Okra sauce or Egusi over rice, yam or banku

Fried Turkey Butt

Fried Fish

Abunabuna Soup with Snails



PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.