Pin Zheng Sugar

Pin Zheng Sugar


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Address: 5824B 8th Ave
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11220
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Cuisine: Asian


You never know what exciting things you will run into when you take a stroll in Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Off the corner of 58th Street and 8th Avenue in Sunset Park we found two women, neither of whom spoke a stitch of English, serving up these delicious, colorful creations. Not sure whether to call it a custard or a drink. But it is wonderful.

Visitors choose from various colors and textures to create their own magical dessert. These include jiggly custards in flavors like tamarind, ube and mango along with different types of jellies and bobo (bubbles) in varying fruit flavors ranging from tiny slightly tart green ones to jumbo cherry red ones. They are placed in a container filled with slightly sweetened coconut milk to create these colorful concoctions. It comes in a small and large size starting at five bucks.

The name on the sign says Pin Zheng Sugar. Give it a try!