Professor Thom’s


Professor Thom’s


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Address: 219 2nd Ave
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10003
map: View the Map
Phone: (212) 260-9480

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Bar Food
2nd Cuisine: Burgers
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Cititour Review:

Professor Thom’s is a home for any fan of Boston sports, Michigan football, Game of Thrones, or nostalgia for LOST. The East Village eatery is packed on weekends when Michigan is playing, but thankfully relatively quiet during the week. At all times, they are rumored to have delicious food in general, so I decided to see for myself how the burgers tasted.

To hammer home their love for all things Ann Arbor, Professor Thom’s serves their version of the Blimpy Burger, a stack of 1.4 ounce patties on a sesame seed bun, with toppings of your choosing. I went with Swiss cheese and jalapeños, because I was about to embark on a four-hour car ride to a wedding with a group of women and I just wanted to risk it. Though I’d been to Professor Thom’s for nachos before and quite enjoyed them. I didn’t go into Professor Thom’s with high hopes for the burgers simply because I’d never heard anything specifically great about them.

I am pleased to announce that the burger was quite good. The buttery, toasted bun perfectly complimented the three small patties. The cheese and jalapeños added distinct flavors without masking the taste of the Burger Maker beef. The waffle fries were also tasty, and offered me an opportunity to make a ketchup plate (pictured above), one of my favorite life hacks.

If you’re going specifically for the burger, avoid ridiculously large crowds by making sure you choose a day when the University of Michigan isn’t playing an important game. You’ll enjoy your meal in relative peace, and get a taste of the burger that Wolverines enjoyed for decades.


Review By: Brad Garoon

Additional details:

Good for Groups, Happy Hour