Menu: Rickshaw Dumpling

Phone: (212) 924-9220

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Dumplings  l 6 for $4.95/9 for $6.95                     In Noodle Soup   l add $3   Classic Pork & Chinese Chive >>>>>>> with >> Clear Soupwith cabbage, ginger and scallion                       with greens, beansprouts, scallions & fresh soy-sesame dipping sauce                                 Shanghai noodles

Chicken & Thai Basil >>>>>>>>>>>>>> with >> Peanut Soupwith lemongrass, glass noodles & carrot               with green coconut, cucumber, lime &spicy peanut dipping sauce                                fresh Shanghai noodlesPeking Duck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> with >> Shiitake Soupwith shredded cabbage & scallion                       with star anise, cinnamon, scallion, cucumberhoisin dipping sauce                                         & fresh Shanghai noodles               Wasabi Shrimp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>with >> Miso Soup with jicama & scallion                                      with beansprouts, scallion, nori & fresh wasabi miso dipping sauce                                Shanghai noodlesVegetarian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> with >> Sesame Soy Vegetarian Soupseasonal Asian greens                                     with scallion, carrots, beansprouts &asian herb dipping sauces                                fresh Shangai noodlesTofu-Wrapped Classic Pork >>>>>>>> with >> Clear Soupwith chinese chives                                        with greens, beansprouts, scallion & freshsoy-sesame dipping sauce                               Shanghai noodleswith Saladdumplings with Asian Green Salad     l  add $3On The SideMiso Soup   $2                                      with tofu & seaweedEdamame   $3                                          Asian Green Salad   $4                            with citrus-ginger vinaigretteSesame Rice Noodle Salad   $4with cucumber, carrot, beansprouts& scallion Seasonal Fresh Fruit   $3with mint                 



Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.