Sahadi's Fine Foods


Sahadi's Fine Foods


Contact Info:

Address: 187 Atlantic Ave (Clinton & Court St)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11201
map: View the Map
Phone: (718) 624-4550

Food Info:

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
2nd Cuisine: Gourmet Shops
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Cititour Review:

A native Brooklynite, I stock up at Sahadi’s about two to three times a month, and I’ve been doing this for years. The 50-year old gourmet food shop specializes in goods from the Far and Middle East and carries everything (and I mean every single thing) you could possible imagine whether you are looking for ingredients to whip up a homemade something-Mediterranean or a prepared food to gobble up on a stroll down Atlantic Avenue.

Just some of the delicacies you will find at Sahadi’s are nuts, dried fruits, candy, olives, jams and preserves, spices, spices, spices, canned delicacies like grape leaves and roasted peppers, coffee, and a plethora of the colorful, tasty and aromatic treats you would expect to find in an actual market somewhere in the Middle East. Especially considering the abundance of the stock here (I mean stocked to the rafters) and the small space in which it holds all of these goods, the place is clean and well-organized.

The place is always bustling with shoppers, the aisles are narrow and you may find yourself slaloming through barrels of nuts and spices, so if a crowded, busy marketplace is one of your pet-peeves, I highly suggest you shop elsewhere. But if you are patient enough to take advantage of this flavorful gem, simply enter the doors, take a number at the “bulk” section, and shop your belly away. On that note, I encourage you to not visit Sahadi’s on an empty stomach or you will end up spending way more than you intended because everything looks so gosh darn delicious. I have dropped more than $100 here on multiple occasions having stopped by to simply restock on my Yemeni coffee ($4.74/lb.)

Some of my favorite treats here are their goji berries at $12/lb., flatbread with Syrian cheese (2.50/each), hummous at $3/lb., baba ganoush at $3.75/lb. and octopus salad at $15/lb. Oh, and this review would be amiss to not mention their falafel pita bread sandwiches for only $3.00 each. Being of Italian descent, it’s an absolute must that my pantry always be stocked with the certain ingredients, and I always buy my San Marzano tomatoes (they make the tastiest sauce) here because they are so cheap at 28 oz. cans for only $2.75/ each. While we’re talking about non-Middle East food, I’ve also gotten into the habit of purchasing their blueberry-yogurt covered pretzels at $1.50/ 1/2 –lb., and wasabi peas at 2.50/lb.

If you are new to Middle Eastern cuisine, I suggest you try their spinach pie, tzatziki, and of course, their falafel – once again, the finest in Brooklyn I’ve yet to taste. The salespeople will graciously offer samples if you are on the fence about a certain item, so don’t be shy to ask. Once you get your Mediterranean delicacy game on, you’ll not only be shopping for yourself, but scavenging the store for the finest goods to assemble gift baskets for your best friends and family.

A colorful, palatable, truly exotic experience, Sahadi’s gets five stars from me. I can’t recommend this place intensely enough and feel a simple review does not give this establishment justice. You’ll really just have to pay a visit to Sahadi’s on your own, and taste for yourself why this place is always crowded with mouthwatering patrons.


Review By: Janice Bevilacqua