Menu: Seppia

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Soupe du jour 8Soup of the day

Soupe a l’oignon 8

Tartes Flambées (Alsatian pizza)

Traditional: Onion and bacon 12Three cheeses 12Vegetables 12Smoked salmon and bacon 12


Salade verte Seppi’s 9

Artichaut 9Artichoke vinaigrette

Chicorée frisée 10Frisee salad with quail eggs, cambozola cheese, onion tart

Nouille de Kombu “Gravity” 11Tofu, kombu, avocado, cucumber and tomato salad (dairy free and low carb)

Salade de béterave rouge et épinard 10Red beets, spinach and grilled Portobello salad

Tomates et onions 8Tomatoes, red onions, virgin olive oil and lemon

Add to any salad: Chicken $6.00 Tuna $8.00

Raw Bar

Rouleau de thon 12“Kiwon roll”: Raw yellow tail tuna with seaweed noodles

Rouleau de homard 13Lobster, kombu, and celery root wrapped in green apple

Huitres du jour 14Half dozen oysters of the day


Pâté Maison 9Homemade lamb and pistachio pate

Tartare de thon et saumon fumé 15Tuna tartar and smoked salmon

Moules 13Steamed Mussels with Pastis

Ravioli 12Crawfish ravioli with lobster bisque

Escargots 9Escargots in garlic butter

Carpaccio 14Beef carpaccio with baby arugula and Parmesan

Terrine de foie gras 19Terrine of foie gras with walnuts and toast

Le foie chaud du jour 19Pan seared foie gras of the day

Crevettes et St. Jacques 15Grilled shrimp and scallop over avocado and mache

Merguez 9Grilled spicy lamb sausage


EggsOmelette du jour 14Omelet of the day

PastaPâte du jour 17Pasta of the daySpaghetti maison 19Homemade spaghetti Ghitarra (tomatoes, olives and goat cheese)Risotto 23Risotto with shrimp and artichokeRavioli 18Crawfish ravioli with lobster bisque

FishPoisson du jour 25Fish of the dayThon 26Grilled Tuna wrapped in bacon over soft polenta and parsley jusSaumon 24Grilled wild Salmon with lemon and olive oil

PoultryPetit poulet Farci 22Roasted baby Chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms (allow 30 minutes)Canard 26Leg confit and roasted Duck breast with honey and anis

MeatsJarret de veau 29Seppi’s Osso Bucco over saffron risottoCarre d’agneau 30Herb crusted rack of LambSteak au poivre 28Black peppercorn Steak with French friesCarbonnade 24Beef carbonade over mashed potatoes

SandwichesHomard 22Lobster and bacon on homemade brioche served with French friesSteak haché 13Hamburger with Gruyere cheese and French friesMerguez 15Spicy lamb sausage on a grilled baguette


French fries 6 Risotto 8Soft polenta 6 French beans 8Sautéed spinach 7 Kombu seaweed noodles 6Au Poivre sauce 5

Prix Fixe5 pm to 7pm$32

Soup of the day or Mixed green salad or Tomato salad**Pasta of the day or Fish of the day or Duck breast orGrilled chicken**Crème brulée or Ice cream or Assorted sorbet


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.