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The Moxie Spot
81-83 Atlantic Ave (Hicks St)
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
(718) 923-9710

Cuisine: American , Eclectic , Family Friendly

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Cititour Review:
I remember when my wife and I had our son, we were so excited, and a few weeks later we went out to celebrate with baby in tow. Boy was that a mistake. We found ourselves in a lovely French restaurant on Smith Street in Brooklyn when said baby started to cry... and cry... and cry. I could tell they wanted us out, so we packed up our meal and wound up eating it the car. It was a horrible experience and one most new parents can relate to, unless you happen to have the only child in the world that behaves 100% of the time. Believe me, as they grow it gets worse.

That brings us to The Moxie Spot, a wonderful new spot in Brooklyn Heights. It's a true child-friendly restaurant with a tasty menu to match. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the door. It's actually three doors; one for adults, one for kids and an even smaller one for dolls. The kids just love it, along with the pipe fittings and gauges that line a nearby wall. I found myself turning a few. Best of all this is a place where parents can relax and feel like once again they are part of society. A child cries and no-one winces. And most children won't be crying because there are plenty of things to do, along with an activities coordinator to help them do it. There's a foosball table surrounded by lots of little hands grabbing and pulling, over-sized blocks to build up and knock down, a closet full of story books, and lots of paper and markers of all colors for making pictures, many of which already line the walls. There are even a few computers to surf the web. And all of this is free!

Food is ordered cafeteria style. Numbers are assigned and the food is then brought to your table. There are two floors to choose from. Downstairs, where there are fewer activities, is a bit quieter and kids can watch one of several big screen TVs. When we were there they were showing nature films, baseball and Tom & Jerry cartoons. Tom & Jerry was the hit with the kids.

Amazingly, since all of the activities are free, the food is fairly cheap. A family of three could easily eat lunch, breakfast or dinner here without breaking the bank. The menu is the brainchild of Josh Eden of Shorty's 32 in SoHO. And like Shorty's, there are the trademark beaded lampshades and lots of cool colors.

The food also hits the spot. The burgers arrived nice and juicy, hot dogs were hot off the grill and the turkey club was yummy with its crisp bacon. The menu is actually quite extensive with everything from pizza and panini sandwiches to a fry shack, featuring fried clams and shrimps. The restaurant tries to use organic and hormone-free ingredients when possible and most of the small plates cost around $6 or under. The food arrives via a dumb waiter which is also kinda cool for the kids to watch. Parents will also like the fact that there are fresh juices on tap along with the usual sugary sodas. Desserts include cupcakes and brownies, and hot fudge sundaes with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Parents who hate having 20 screaming kids in the house for birthday parties will also love this place. Finally, an alternative to Chuck E Cheese (even though kids seem to love it). The smaller activities room can be rented for $100 an hour (up to 15 kids), and the larger room for $200 and hour (minimum 20 kids). Food is extra, and birthday cakes can be ordered from a local bakery.

We loved The Moxie Spot. It does have a few wrinkles to iron out, especially with the way the food system is set up, but we think parents are going to LOVE this place. I know we did!
Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Hours: 7 Days - 8:00a - 9:30p

Entree Price: $10-15

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