Photo: Tiny's


Photo: Tiny's

Contact Info:

Address: 135 W Broadway (nr Duane)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10013
map: Map
Phone: (212) 374-1135
Open Daily

Food Info:

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Cuisine: New American
2nd Cuisine: Bar Food
Takeout: Yes
Payment: Amex Visa Mastercard

Cititour Review:

Finally giving Tribeca some of the flair it has been patiently waiting for, Tiny's is definitely special.  The bi-level restaurant with "the Bar Upstairs" is at home in a cozy, historical building built in 1810. The rustic quality that the historical landmark affords is accentuated by the modest decor plucked and salvaged from antique shops. Old wooden benches tucked under even older looking wooden tables make for a relaxed ambiance, perfect for any kind of intimate gathering.

While Tiny's is quite pleasing aesthetically, we can't forget what lures the customers to the tables- the provisions. With delights to satiate any American palate, the menu is rather short and simple, yet leaves a lasting impression. Starters like the heavenly Smoked Salmon Rillette offer a bit of the do-it-yourself quality that any salmon lover is willing to indulge in. Scoop as much of this delicious smoked salmon as you like on the bagel chips provided, referred to as 'everything grips'. The salads are bright and smart.  My favorite is the kale salad packed with apples, carrots, walnuts, gouda, and a maple mustard vinaigrette.  It me giddy like a child after candy.  The burrata is more like adult candy as well; smattered with a date puree, pistachios, and drizzled with a lemon honey glaze.

As usual I find myself stuffed after the appetizers, but the main entrees here are worth the discomfort. Delicious and tender Hake and juicy grilled pork chops are among the favorites at Tiny's. A grilled hanger steak with creamy blue cheese and pan seared scallops with baby bok choy are simple yet divine dishes that highlight Tiny's magic; a focus on quality that isn't buried under lots of ingredients and drama.

I haven't forgotten the cocktails which are quite unforgettable. With colorful names like Old Man Cuba, French Hooker, and Smokey Robinson, it feels as if nothing much has changed since the building's original heyday. Plenty of beer and wine are also available, making Tiny's a rather popular place for a round of drinks, if you can find it.


Review By: Rachel Sult