Vivi Bubble Tea


Vivi Bubble Tea


Contact Info:

Address: 607 9th Ave (nr 44th St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10036
map: View the Map
Phone: (212) 956-0288

Food Info:

Menu: View the Menu
Cuisine: Tea/Tea Rooms
2nd Cuisine: Taiwanese
Takeout: Yes
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Cititour Review:

There has been a proliferation of bubble tea shops across the city in recent year, but Vivi stands out and not just because of its bubble gum-colored interior and cartoon skull heads on the wall. 

Located in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, the shop offers a nice assortment of bubble teas, along with hot teas. I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of piping hot black tea that arrived with a layer of foam on top, similar to what you might find on a good espresso.  Bubble teas with varying sugar levels come in flavors like coconut, ginger, passion fruit, honeydew and caramel macchiato.  The restaurant also makes slushes, milk drinks and something called ice jelly tea made with kumquat, grapefruit and peach.

Beyond teas, popcorn chicken is the main event on the food side.  It comes in five flavors; pepper salt, spicy, garlic, curry and basil.  They are crispy, kind of addictive and cheap.  A bagful sells for about four bucks.  I didn't have time to try one, but there were people lining up for the Taiwanese BBQ sausages. Maybe next time.  Dumplings and ramen dishes are also on the menu.   All of the ingredients are shipped directly from Taiwan.

I should also say that our server too was a bit bubbly, after all their mission is to "bring delight and comfort to customers."  I like that. 


Review By: Thomas Rafael