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Yemen Café
7130 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11209
(718) 745-8000

Cuisine: Middle Eastern , Yemen

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Cititour Review:

If you're looking for a true taste of Yemeni cuisine then head to the Yemen Cafe.  There are two locations in the city, one on Atlantic Avenue and a second on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  At the Bay Ridge location there is plenty to feast upon.

We started with a cup of lamb soup that is rich and very spicy.  Homemade pita bread takes up an entire plate and is bubbly and charred around the edges.  Add in order of baba ghanoush, made with baked egglant and sesame sauce, and you've got yourself a wonderful vegetarian meal for under ten dollars.  Or go for the hummus with minced lamb marinated with onions, tomato and Yemeni spices.

But don't fill up too much on the appetizers.  Then you might miss out on the lamb shish kebab, which on our visit, was grilled to perfection, with roasted onions.  The meat was juicy and tender. It's served with a heaping helping of rice and a vegetable stew.  The dish is large enough to feed two for dinner.   Another entree we tried is something called Haneez, a slow-roasted lamb shank.   The meat is so tender that it easily falls off the bone.  Grilled baby lamb chops and slow-roasted chicken are also available.  Or, delve deeper into Yemen with traditional dishes like Saltah made with root vegetables and fenugreek, an herb familiar to India and parts of the Middle East, or Zorbian, a dish made with boneless chicken or lamb from south Yemen.

One thing is for sure, the Yemen Cafe is sure to provide a culinary adventure.

Review By: Thoms Rafael

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge

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